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Maashan Iron & Steel Company Limited Scam????

I spent many wonderful years doing business in China – mainly due to the people I met there and with whom I had a business relationship.  I proudly list that experience on my Linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-grant-96790112 .  I would welcome the opportunity to conduct business in China – again – so when I received an email from Mr. Huo Guang, Senior Business Consultant, Maashan Iron & Steel (I was interested).  The email stated that Mr. Huo had reviewed my Linkedin profile and was offering me an opportunity with his company. In searching “Maashan Iron & Steel Company Limited” I discovered that they are the 9th largest steel producer in China and publicly traded on the Hong Kong Exchange.

I had numerous email exchanges with Mr. Huo (I have listed them below) and proceeded to a point where I received their “Memorandum of Understanding – Agreement Deed” that is also listed below.  As an “Agent/Representative” I was to act as an “Intermediary” between “Maashan Iron & Steel” (“Company Limited” was left out of the wording) and its clients/customers to act as an accounts receivable agent.  Their customers were to pay me – and I in turn – would pay “Maashan Iron & Steel.”  This particular feature really caused me concern and the need to look further into this offer.  Why would a large company – if the email really came from “Maashan Iron & Steel Company Limited” – want payments to come to me rather than a direct wire transfer from their customers to them?  Mr. Huo’s reasoning was that I was to deduct my 5% commission from the payment before wire transferring the balance of the payment.  I was to also receive a monthly stipend of USD 4,900.00.

Online, I located several postings – listing similar email’s as I had received from Mr. Huo – to other people and claims from them that this was, in fact, a SCAM!  I forwarded some of these links – to Mr. Huo – and never received another reply.

I wanted to post my experiences – here – in hopes that if others are approached, in a similar manner, that they might come across this post prior to making any final decisions about the offer they received from this company.

Below are the different emails that I received from Mr. Huo:

Good day Bob Grant

Our company One of the largest manufactures of iron steel needs your services as an account receivable agent to our customers in Canada and USA on a 12 months contract basis you will be responsible for collection of all account receivables due to the Steel Company in the above region to directly support sales operations., it’s part time job that takes less than an hour of your time daily with a 5% commission and $4,900 monthly salary payment.

I understand this is not your area of expertise, I have also reviewed your profile on LinkedIn and knowing your eligibility to help our company help fulfill one of its major goal this is the reason I have reach out to you.

Reply for more details.

We look forward to working with you.

Sincerely yours

Huo Guang
Senior Business Consultant
Maanshan Iron & Steel

Allowance: $58,800 annually + 5% Commission
Job type: Contract Part Time
Duration: 12 Months
Time Requirement: 3 to 5 Hours per Week
Job Role: Account Receivable Agent
Attn:Bob Grant,
Thank you for finding interest to learn more about the Position of a US/Canada Intermediary as describe on the email earlier received.
ABOUT US: Maanshan Iron & Steel Company Limited (the “Company”) was set up on 1 September 1993 and was regarded by the State as one of the nine pilot joint-stock limited enterprises which formed the first batch of overseas listed companies. The Company’s H shares were issued overseas during 20-26 October 1993 and were listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Hong Kong Stock Exchange”) on 3 November 1993. The Company issued RMB common shares in the domestic market during 6 November through 25 December 1993. These shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange 
The Company is one of the largest iron and steel producers and marketers in the PRC, and is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of iron and steel products. The manufacturing process primarily involves iron-making, steel-making and steel rolling projects. The Company’s principal product is steel products which come in four major categories: steel plates, section steel, wire rods and train wheels.
 Our products have been supplied to institutions/companies across the globe, either direct or through our network of trusted distributors for well over 20 years.
As we expand our progress and business copied with the high demand of our products in your region, we look forward to establishing representative offices and sales centers in North America. Until the centers are established, we need a reliable company (irrespective of the business type) that will stand as an intermediary between our customers in your country and Maanshan Iron and Steel. Hence we wish to contract your enterprise as our “Intermediary” or “Regional Representative Agent” in US and Canada.
Such persons/companies should be able to:
(1) Collect and remit due accounts within your region. 
(2) Work together with Managing Director to seamlessly reach goals.
(3) Maintain proper records of transactions.
(4) Innovates ideas to drive the company forward.
(5) Help to create new channels for easy distribution of our ever growing market with same region.
COMMISSION: Managing Partners/Regional Reps Agent are each entitled to 5% commission of each completed transaction plus a monthly allowance of $4,900 dollars. Other benefits include annually phone and email bills. Business and communications shall be mostly conducted on-line and on phone and hence will not affect your current job.
Provide us with the following,so we can prepare an MOU for further proceedings.
Your Full Names:
Full Contact/Postal Address:
Your Company Name:
The Position Held:
Tel and Cell Number:
Upon receipt of the above, we shall send you a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding.

Good day Bob,

I acknowledge the receipt of your email we currently have 31 Representative agents across the US and Canada but this number is not enough 
as sometimes we are behind schedule due large number of customers we deal with.as soon as you become our representative agent whenever
we have an available customer ready to make payments their contact information will be sent to you and all directives will be given on how 
to handle it a regular or a certified check will be sent to you were you receive payments and deduct your 5% commission.With your understanding
of this kindly send us an acknowledgement email so we can proceed.we look forward to working with you and keeping a long term relationship.
Best Regards
Maanshan Co,Ltd
No. 8, Jiu Hua Xi Road,
Maanshan City,
Anhui Province, 
the PRC, 243003 
Hello Bob Grant,
Attached to this mail is a copy of your MOU. Please endeavor to sign where necessary. Be informed that we shall be sending to you hard copies of the following document to your mailing address by the end of the first six months. Therefore endeavor to return in your response email a complete detailed mailing address with city, state and zip code.
We believe that you would sign the MOU and return it back to us in no distant time. As soon as you return a hand signed copy of the MOU, we shall send to you a clients contact details. You are either to establish contact with the client by phone call or by email.
A particular company wants to make payment and we want to give you the opportunity of handling, receiving and redirecting their payment. As soon as we receive the duly signed MOU from you, we shall forward your details to the company as our representative. More information about how to establish contact with the company and what to say would be communicated to you after we receive the duly signed MOU.
NOTE: Kindly return signed MOU along with your proof of ID, this is very important. 
We look forward to having you as our representative.
Sincerely yours

Huo Guang
Senior Business Consultant
Maanshan Iron & Steel

Below is the agreement that I received:

Maashan Iron & Steel Company Agreement Page 1

Maashan Iron & Steel Company Agreement Page 2
Maashan Iron & Steel Company Agreement Page 3
Maashan Iron & Steel Company Agreement Page 4
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