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Traditional Funerals and How They Were Conducted

Every life on this earth is fated to die one day. But still the loss of loved ones is shocking and unacceptable for all. Funeral is predestined for most and there are many beliefs associated with it. Across the global there are different rituals related to funeral ceremony. There are also many agencies and companies which conduct the various types of funeral ceremonies according to the ritual and they supply you with the flowers, the funeral caskets and the in helping you to get the other products that are associated with a funeral.


Ways of Carrying the Funerals

There are mainly two ways to conduct funeral ritual.

  • Burial – This is the ceremony where deceased bodies are buried on a sacred ground. It is commonly believed that the departed body will be resurrected, due to Jesus dead and rebirth; Christians have firm faith in burial. The burial ceremony and taking the body to the funeral ground are all conducted by the funeral agencies.
  • Cremation – It is a ritual of burning the deceased bodies. It is mainly followed by Hindu religion. Hindus belief that death happened only to the body because soul is immortal. The body is only a vehicle used by soul so it is destroyed through cremation. Later the ashes of the burned body are passed into the flowing river preferably the holy rivers. There are many funeral agencies which help you to arrange for the cremation, and you can book the caskets, the coffins and the hearse to take the body to the burial ground. If you undertake affordable packages, then you can get certain discounts also.

A reputed Funeral Service allows having the Mourning Ceremony

The funerals are performed in the presence of family, relatives, friends and anyone who was associated with the dead one.

  • It is denoted as the final departure of the deceased life and people gathered to respect the departed soul, mourn for the loss and pray for the good after life.
  • The funeral ceremony later has memorial assembly for remembering the departed soul. This day is rejoiced rather than mourned.
  • People will remember the deceased life in sober manner. They share the good memories and relationships. Flower decoration is done, food is served and other arrangements are done accordingly as per tradition.

Happy Funeral

Lately there have been trends of a different kind of funeral known as ‘Celebration of life’ where the funerals are planned and are celebrated. The proper traditions are performed but rituals are performed in a happy tone instead of grieving note.

  • Family, friends and relatives try to make everything picture perfect for the departed life. Flower decoration is done; the favorite music of the person, who is dead, is played, his or her favorite food and many more things are also distributed among the poor.
  • This is to give joy to the one who is no more in the world. Guests are requested to wear colorful cloths opposite to the tradition funeral where people white or black as per religion.
  • The purpose is to celebrate that life and make a good Remembrance Day. It is seen now people are planning happy funeral and one good example is TV actress Lynda Bellingham’s funeral.

‘Celebration of life’ funeral is a new interesting and fresh way of looking to the loved one’s death. There are many differences between those who want to look at the funeral in a new way and the conservatives who believe that funeral should be conducted as traditionally and sincerely as possible.

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