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Look to the future not the past

Today many individuals have a problem with the events of the past but they should not let our past get in the way of our future.  The events of the past beginning with the start of our country should never be forgotten.  The strength and courage of our founding fathers is something we need today now more than ever.  While we cannot change the mistakes or events that took place we must look to our future as individuals and as a country to shape what our country can and will become.  We must learn from the mistakes and events which shaped who we are today to make our country better for ourselves and our children’s children.

The problem many individuals have today which can be seen in news events is that they bring up the past instead of looking to the future.  Granted there are issues which we face today and will face tomorrow and they can be solved if we do not bring up the past unless it identifies what we can change for the future.  Learning from history is important but there are some politicians who want to try the same things of the past that failed instead of looking at what worked.

It is true that the problems we have today were not even in the minds of our founding fathers but it does not mean there are no answers.  Many issues have similarities that we can utilize in shaping our future as a country.  Our country has been through many battles, conflicts and wars but we should not let them determine our future.

There is always a purpose to the battles, wars or conflicts in which our country has been involved but many if not all of them shaped our country and the world as it is today.  It is true the changes that have taken place around the world have not always seen the best results but they shaped the future of the world at the time these events took place.  We as human beings are not perfect but our imperfection is who we are.

Government involvements in some of the demonstrations that have taken place have focused on the issues of the past and connected them to the problems of today.  This is wrong.  Government needs to focus on the future and not the past.  All of us have dreams and plans for our future and the future of our families.  We must put our energy into our plans for the future not concentrate on the past.  While we are doing this we must learn from the mistakes of the past not only as individuals but as a country.

One thing that should be remembered is that we as individuals and as a country are not responsible for the mistakes or events of the past and demonstrations today want to place blame on us today.  While we are not responsible for mistakes or events we as individuals and as a country can make changes to better provide a future for us, our families and as a country.  Part of the culture in place today where the federal government is making a mistake is trying to pay for the events of the past when it should be trying to fix the conditions causing the events.

The culture in place today for many individuals is they feel we as a country owe them something when in fact we do not.

We as a country do owe citizens who have paid into Social Security to receive their monthly checks.  In addition we are a compassionate country and need to provide for those who cannot support themselves but not individuals who can provide for themselves but will not.  I made the previous statement not as a reflection on any particular ethnic group of individuals but as a reflection of how our country has evolved.  Some have placed the label on the current government philosophy as a nanny state where government has created a dependent society.  Government needs to look to the future on how this philosophy should be changed to give individuals the incentive to better themselves and not be dependent on the government for their survival.

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Dennis AuBuchon

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