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Individual privacy and journalism news

Individual privacy and journalistic articles in print or electronic media is becoming a concern. While the recent action of a media source to publish the names of individuals who are gun owners may or may not be illegal it is a moral violation of individual proportion.  The battle over what to do about making some changes or revisions in gun laws or regulations will be a fierce one.  It is clear some action needs to be taken but that action should not infringe on the rights of individuals as identified in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Today both the President and Congress are contemplating actions and whether there will be some common ground is yet to be seen.  Changes with respect to gun ownership are undoubtedly going to change but the rights of individuals need to be protected according to the Constitution.  Some changes being proposed or discussed is the restriction to the availability of ammunition clips with large amounts of ammunition.  Private citizens do not need such access but whether this change would prevent events such as the one in Newtown, Connecticut is uncertain at this point in time.

Another change which I feel needs to be made which is being considered is increasing the use of background checks for individuals wanting to purchase guns.  This is an important aspect of our present gun regulation process but it is not used in all locations where guns are sold.  Gun shows are held each year throughout the country and many if not all of them do not require a background check before various guns are purchased.  In conjunction with background checks the present system appears to be less than complete and accurate.  There have been examples where individuals who have been able to purchase guns should never have had the opportunity.  While this may not be the fault of the system as it was designed it is the fault of access to information that is entered into the system.

Gun ownership is something we have had since the beginning of our country and the 2nd Amendment epitomizes this right.  Our Constitution is the law of the land and while legislation and regulations are issued each year they must be in compliance with the language of the Constitution.  Granted there are areas of the Constitution that can be interpreted differently dependent upon who and when the interpretation is being applied.  Our court system up to and including the Supreme Court evaluates laws and regulations when issues are raised with regards to the constitutionality of specific laws or regulations.  This is as it should be.

In addition to the above assault weapons is another area which is highly being considered for restricting the access to them by normal individuals.  We as private citizens do not need nor should we have access to these types of weapons.  Restricting access to assault weapons does not mean that they cannot be acquired by criminals as criminals intent on doing harm never worry about the language of laws or regulations.

An additional area being examined is the availability and opportunity of individuals with mental issues who are under physician care or have been.  This key aspect seems to be prevalent in many of the events such as Colorado and Connecticut but making changes to provide this kind of information for a background database may have some problems.  Health records of individuals are protected by government regulations/laws to prevent access to personal medical records by individuals/organizations that have no need the information as defined under the law.  Granted this aspect could be changed with regards to having the information before allowing individuals with mental health issues access to guns.

One thing is for sure the current debate of actions to be taken must consider the issues identified above along with others to insert some additional controls with respect to ownership of guns.  Any actions taken after all the discussions have been completed must be legal with respect to the right to bear arms under the Constitution.  There will most certainly be aspects that we as individuals may not necessarily agree but common sense steps and common sense is the key must be a part of any action/decision by the President and Congress.  .



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Dennis AuBuchon

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  • Dennis,

    Suggest you read some KrisAnne Hall books on the Constitution or listen to her program on radio. She’s an authority on the 2nd Amendment. It’s truly there for our protection from government overreach, which is becoming rampant in these times. Yes, this is a vital issue today and an understanding of history and context is of the greatest importance. Thanks for putting it out there!


  • Thanks for your suggestion and comment. Much appreciated

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