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I Will Vote!

I try not to focus on the mess this election has become.  Each day the soap opera that this political event has become rears its tacky face.  I can’t say ugly. It has been so overused lately. I can’t say stupid fro that goes without saying. All I can say is it is almost over and at the end, despite the plethora of manure that has been shoveled on this, I will vote.

You should too.When I was younger I was taught that friendships are ruined by discussing politics and religion. These days its hard not to have those conversations. The public eye has been exposed to all the dirty laundry, the disgusting details, and the paparazzi frenzy of something that was never meant to be a circus. My discussions with friends and others on the subject of this year’s election has not been who to vote for but why to vote.

You don’t like one candidate, vote for the other.

You don’t like either, pick one that is more closely suited to your ideals. Even with independent candidates the truth is the system focuses on the two major parties. If you don’t vote for the less of two evils you will actually be voting for the one you dislike the most.

You need to vote to make a stand. You put one of the two in office and then you rally with others of a like mind to help get that new president on the right path.

You vote because it is your job as a citizen to vote.

You vote because too many people actually DIED trying to get the right to vote. And others died trying to vote. You need to think about them before you toss the gauntlet aside.

You need to vote for the candidate that you think will work for the people, all the people, all the time.

Allow no apathy to exist. We all have to speak our minds. We speak with our vote.

You should vote.

Notice I haven’t mentioned any names here. It stopped being about the candidates months ago. So much offensive rhetoric has been spewed about each one that the election is not focused on issues. Still, the person who becomes president must understand the world and understand not all countries have what we have.

And accept that most countries will not change just because the USA wants them to.

More can be said but let’s be honest we have to elect a president and we have to make the president we elect will listen to us.

I will vote. I have to.

You do too.


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Minnette Coleman is a writer, actress and singer born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the author of two novels “The Blacksmith’s Daughter” and “No Death by Unknown Hands.” She resides in Harlem, New York and is a member of the Harlem Writers Guild.

2 comments to I Will Vote!

  • Hi Minniec,

    Glad to see your post here on a most relevant and timely topic. And you express your point of view articulately. That’s appreciated.

    Now, let me offer an opposing point of view on same subject–one that is not mine but from a man I admire very much. Richard Boddie is a black voluntarist, anarcho-capitalist living in Calif. who has run for president on the libertarian ticket in past primary elections, in his younger days was a Democrat, then a Republican, then a Libertarian and finally now the above. He’s also a professor of American history and a tremendous public speaker. His position now is that he sees the whole two-party system as rigged against the people, and voting only gives the appearance of legitimizing it. It’s the elite insiders, both Republican and Democrat, who profit from us little people and adhere to no principles except getting themselves reelected and keeping the gravy flowing to themselves. What the media refuses to acknowledge is that the reason Trump is where he is now comes about because a segment of the population see the rigged game and want to support an outsider who might break it up. That’s the bottom line, not locker-room banter or leaked e-mails. You might google Mr. Boddie and get acquainted. Other than that, I’d make one other suggestion–and it’s a vital one (see my blog on same): go see the movie Hillary’s America before you vote.

    Thanks for your well-reasoned post. Good luck.


  • minniec

    Hey Mark:
    Thanks for the comments I will look up Richard Boddle. I do understand everything he is saying that you have mentioned in your comment.
    My problem is I have heard far too many saying they won’t vote. I grew up in a household where not voting was a sin because so much went on in Atlanta, Ga, my hometown, to work on blacks getting the vote.
    So I ask those who refuse to vote fora president: what do you think will happen next?
    They have no reply.
    Until the system is corrected to take all into consideration we need to deal with what we have.
    It just makes sense to vote so you can say you weighed in on the matter.

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