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2016 Election et Au Revoir

We are sort of amazed at the lack of people threatening to leave the country if their candidate loses.  Usually there are a few dozen of them talking anxiously and nervously into the TV camera, in part because they probably haven’t taken their medication but also because they’re concerned and frightened.  It is clearly on their faces, as they explain how if so and so is elected President, this will be the end of America and they are leaving.  Where are they going?  Paris, usually because the person is almost always an actor/celebrity, and has a lot of money.  And, well sometimes, they’re just out of their last rehab stint or just out of their third marriage and those things might factor in too.  But considering the consternation surrounding this election, there doesn’t seem to be too many of them.  By all methods and modes of calculation, there should be more, many more, including normal people.  Hell if you’re not scared at this point in the process, you’re not paying attention.

And, if we take into account all of the consternation, the anger and the dire predictions that loom on the horizon come November 8th, maybe after we all vote, maybe we should all, just leave the country.

I know, I know where would we go?  Mexico?  I mean most of us don’t have enough money to go to Paris.  Besides let’s see how they like it for a change.

But think about it if we did.  First off it wouldn’t matter who won this election.  If you hate either of the candidates or both and most everyone does, you wouldn’t have to turn on the TV and listen to them for the next four or eight years or the Mass Hysteria yakking endlessly about it either.  And, it would solve all our other problems.  Let’s tick them off.

Immigration, we’d be the immigrants.  Whoever comes here and how?  Who cares?

Terrorism.  If they blow things up, we won’t be here.  Yeah we might see some images on TV while we’re abroad and shed a nostalgic tear but we’d be alive.  And, well it would just look like one of those sci-fi movies where the aliens blow up New York, L.A. and DC.  How many times have we seen that already?

Taxes and the National debt?  Again, who cares?

Health care?  The truth of it all is most of us will die and not use the health care system all that much.  You could look that up.  Of course if this really bothers you there are countries like Canada and they already have it.  Go there.

Crime?  Depends on where you migrate to.  You could try one of those countries the intellectuals always tout like Sweden or is it Switzerland?  No wait, Lithuania?  Doesn’t matter, one of those places where they don’t have any.  Google it first.

Yeah, yeah there are a lot of other issues but as you can see they won’t be our problem anymore.  And, yes we know this won’t be easy.  It will be hard but we, or our ancestors all came here one way or the other, so we can do it again.  It’s called the Pioneer spirit.  No, it won’t be easy.  But we’re tough.  We can do it.  Hell, we’re Americans.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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5 comments to 2016 Election et Au Revoir

  • Don,

    Hmmmm. The way you describe it, sounds good to me. But I fear the reason people aren’t leaving is that liberals (the rich Hollywood types) think they’re going to win with Hillary. And the far-right think they’re ready for a new civil war and primed to go for it. Whoever wins, it won’t be pretty for a long time. But, like you say, I could be wrong–and hope I am. I’d go to Germany except Merkel has messed it up lately so bad. 🙁


  • Leave the country? I might think of going to Oz, but I don’t think any airlines fly there, and tornadoes are rather scarce around here. Of course, Mark doesn’t have to worry — tornadoes land in Kansas all the time, and he should be able to catch one without too much trouble, even without a schedule….and no fare is even better than low fare.

  • mistermuse,

    You’re absolutely right. These tornadoes are widespread and frequent and my Dee catching one is how I met her. And they don’t even require red shoes anymore! LOL


  • Don Frankel

    Mark, you might be right about why the leavers are so few in number among the elites but it sounds like it might be time for normal people. But I’m not going anywhere. I could leave the country but never New York City.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, “Somewhere over the rainbow…” Could be coming soon.

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