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The Concept of Justice

Justice is a term we all recognize but the concept of justice and what it means to one individual may not mean the same to another.  We have a great judicial system which is part of the checks and balance philosophy of our government.  It was designed to bring about justice for those who were harmed and are asking for restitution.  The top level of our justice system is the Supreme Court and many controversial decisions have been made through the years but none more so than the last session of the Supreme Court.

Many events or issues surface for which we want the concept of justice as we know it but the decisions that are sometimes made by our court system we feel was not the right decision to make.  We have a right to our opinion on decisions made through our court system but the opportunity for justice is embedded within it.  It is up to the lawyers and sometimes individuals to present their case and in a jury trial those selected to make the decision must be swayed by the presentations made by both sides.

The concept of justice does not just exist within our court system but we have instances in our daily lives where justice or the lack of it exists.  Decisions are made each day by businesses and those who manage them.  Many individuals in position of authority have difficult decisions to make not only concerning their business but the employees who work for them.  Justice in the business world and the government world is always something which who are affected long to experience.  This is not to say it does not exist only that many of the decisions businesses make do not get the exposure they deserve.

Many companies treat their employees with respect not only for them as individuals but for the jobs they do for the company or organization.  This may not seem like it fits in the realm of justice but in fact it does.  Justice exists when businesses respect all their employees and do not blame them for problems for which they have no control.  Too often businesses use what is termed scapegoats when issues surface in the public arena about decisions organizations make.  It is true that individuals in management positions have some responsibility but they should not be made the scapegoat for problems unless they were directly involved with bad decisions for an organization.

We as individuals want justice for ourselves, family and friends but our concept of justice may not match the definition often displayed in our court system.  Individuals or organizations who have been harmed want justice but the decisions made are society’s definition of justice which may or may not agree with our definition.  Whether justice has been served in any given situation will be reflected in our opinion as to whether we are satisfied or unsatisfied.  If we are unsatisfied with a decision as to whether justice has been served it should not result in taking action to achieve what we feel the decision should have been.



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Dennis AuBuchon

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