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United States Energy Reserves

We constantly hear about the need for energy independence for our country yet we are fully utilizing the resources available to make this happen.  I agree that we must be cognizant of any environmental impact that may occur when we tap the various types of reserves we have available.  The two major sources of energy reserves which exist are oil and natural gas.  Many

Recent reports have identified a huge reserve of natural gas within the Eastern and mid-west states.  Figures indicate that the current system in place is producing 1.3 million cubic feet of natural gas and plans to expand this volume are currently being reviewed.   Competition is strong among the several states which will have increased jobs when expansion takes place dependent upon the location of a new distribution center.

Part of the effort to utilize the resources in the Eastern part of the country involves leases which are being evaluated and negotiated between the various states.  Energy resources are not limited to natural gas as we also have an abundance of oil reserves under the ground in areas such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and regions of Saskatchewan in Canada.  The area is known as the Balkan formation and is comprised of about 200,000 square miles and is a subsurface of the Williston Basin.  Some estimates of the oil reserve in this area alone are 4.3 billion barrels of oil.  Other statements have compared the quantity to Saudi Arabia which some estimate is larger.

Today it seems that more areas of energy reserves below the surface in the United States is now available given the advancement of technology we now have.  Granted environmental impacts need to be addressed but it seems that environmental impact investigations take a long time to complete?  The process needs to be streamlined and when an investigation is complete decisions must be made based on any environmental impact to generate leases to oil companies.

The need for energy independence is not going to go away and it is true that oil companies may by some reports large profits.  This is not a bad thing as we want businesses to make a profit, it is part of the American dream.  Utilizing our own reserves while developing alternative energy sources would allow a lower price as the cost to supply the oil would be less than buying it from a foreign supply source.  Lower cost leading to lower cost at the pump is only half the positive aspects of using the resources we have.  Other aspects include increased employment and increased revenue to the government which is needed in the economic environment in which we find us today.

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Dennis AuBuchon

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