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While we are not in the habit of reprinting past articles but we feel this is so important, that it makes it necessary.

Yes, that’s right Vote Day.  Because it’s only Election Day, if you win.  If you lose its only Tuesday.  And, for everyone who wins, there is usually one person and sometimes more than one person, who loses.  So as we don’t want to God forbid offend anyone, something we strive always never to do, we will from this day on, refer to it as Vote Day.  We hope you all will do the same.  Write your Congressperson and let them know too.  They will appreciate it, especially if they lost.  In fact, we feel so strongly about it that we hope that someday there is a referendum on the subject and we all get to vote on it.

No doubt by now you’ve voted.  I mean if you dared to turn on the TV in the last few weeks you’ve been told over and over again to vote, from every pundit and politician to even Celebrities.  And, you should always listen to people who have been indicted if not yet convicted, caught in flagrante delicto, are working on their fifth marriage or just got out of their latest rehab stint.  Even if as it turns out, they don’t vote themselves.

Of course if you haven’t voted or are not going to vote, we support you.  If you have a right to vote then you also have a right not to vote.  And, people who bother you should just go away.  Besides everyone in Iran and Cuba vote.  How’s that working out for them?

But not voting is another reason to call it Vote Day.  If it’s Election Day and people don’t vote then the loser bemoans each lost vote, as if it was theirs.  They could have been elected.  They could have been somebody.  But if it’s only Vote Day, well the people who don’t vote are not part of the act.  They are not part of the experience.  They don’t count.  Try to remember that 1.3 billion people in China won’t vote today.  They never do.  Who cares?

Besides, you know it is really Vote day, you’ve always known that because no one comes on the TV and tells you that regardless of what you politics are or who you vote for, “Get elected!  It’s your right!  People died for that.”

And, don’t forget to watch the results on the TV tonight.  It doesn’t matter what channel you watch, or who you voted for, or even if you voted, as all the Media Specialists will be out of breath.  This is their night.  They get to tell you who is up who is down, who won, who lost and who is out.  This is the night where they get to be the ones, they’ve been waiting for.

It’s sort of like a Super Bowl that went over time for them.

We’ll all be watching Fox News.  No, not because we are Conservatives or Liberals who want to see Karl Rove make an Ass out of himself again.  No, it’s because Megyn Kelly will be hosting and somehow watching her be out of breath, makes it all worth it.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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4 comments to IT’S VOTE DAY!

  • My wife let me out of the doghouse to vote, but my candidate, Lucy Lou, wasn’t on the ballot. I was fit to be tied. Election officials are barking up the wrong tree if they think they can get away with this. Obviously there’s no law against voting for a dog, because I saw Donald Trump’s name on the ballot, so I wrote in Lucy Lou. Too bad kids can’t participate, because I know Lucy Lou would get the K-9 vote. But unfortunately, only adults can vote, and what the hell do they know?

  • Don Frankel

    Muse I checked the Constitution and it says a “person” over the age of 35 and was born in the United States and lived here for the last 14 years. But Dogs are people too and well most of them are a lot better. Also a Dog ages 7 years for a human year, so Lucy Lou who has been Mayor of Rabbit Hatch for seven years more than meets the bill.

    We called over to her campaign and asked her how the race was going and she said. “Ruff, ruff.”

  • Muse,

    Lucy Lou. Dog write-ins. Hmmmm. If we’re talking a Democrat context here, I suppose “dead” dogs could vote too? We have two we’d lend to the cause. But I couldn’t guarantee how they’d vote–probably for the other dog, Donald? LOL


  • Don Frankel

    Mark, as the saying goes, all men are dogs.

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