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The Main Stream Media, They’ve Missed, a Few Things

The self-congratulatory, forever telling us how important they are and most of all, how they know just about everything about everything, Main Stream Media aka the Mass Hysteria, seem to have a missed a few things.  That’s why we’re here.  First up President-elect, Donald J. Trump, The Donald Himself after having won the 2016 election for the Presidency of the United States some three weeks ago, has not said a word to them.  They don’t seem to have noticed.  Certainly not, so they would mention it.

Now they complain all day every day about anything he says or does but they might have a legitimate complaint about how the next President of the United States, doesn’t talk to them.  This in contrast to the fact that he went on every news show and talk show, regardless of how big or small or whether they liked him or not while he, was running.  But no more.  And, they don’t seem to have noticed.  But that’s why we’re here.  Now you know and hopefully they will too.

And, the Talking Heads of the Mass Hysteria spent countless hours showing us the electoral map of the United States and proclaiming that The Donald Himself could not possibly win the Presidency.  There was, as they proclaimed, “No path to the Presidency for Donald Trump.”  They did this up until sometime after 2AM on the morning of November 9th, when they realized that HerHillaryness could not possible win anymore.  They were shocked!  Shocked!  They just stood dumbfounded as States like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania voted for Donald J. Trump.  Or “went red” or republican for Donald J. Trump.  They still haven’t gotten over it.  What they missed was the fact that all these states have a majority of Republicans in their State Legislatures and also in the United States House of Representatives.  So they didn’t turn Republican or red on the night of November 8th, they already were.  The Mass Hysteria just didn’t know and of course in turn, neither did you.  But now you know.  And again, that’s why we’re here.

They could have just googled it like we did and they could have asked themselves just how the Republicans got a majority in the House of Representatives over the last few elections but then maybe they thought all those new republican Representatives came from Texas.  Besides, adding all that stuff up is math and math is boring.  We can understand that.

We’ve also noticed a strange thing has taken place during the last 18 months.  We call it the four stages of Trump.  The first is people proclaim him rude and uncouth and they will not stoop down to his level.  Stage two, is they start letting little insults directed at the Donald Himself, slip.  Stage three, is they go full force whole hog, saying all manner of nasty things about The Donald Himself.  And, the fourth stage is the person winds up drooling or screaming in front of the camera having become completely unhinged.  This happened to Jeb 3x Bush, Marco Little Marco Rubio, Teddy Boy Cruz and HerHillaryness.  But they all fell by the wayside.  The Mass Hysteria seems to have gotten to Stage four but their problem is they are on TV, the radio, in newspapers and the internet all day, every day.  They have nowhere else to go.  So we have to wait and see what’s next?  A stage five maybe or will they just be stuck in Stage four, forever.  Not a pleasant thought.

Hopefully there is a twelve step program to help people get out of the four stages of Trump.  Or there will be soon.  But stay tuned right here, as it seems we’re the only ones, who will notice.

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3 comments to The Main Stream Media, They’ve Missed, a Few Things

  • mistermuse

    Don, the Mass Hysteria has long forgotten what Will Rogers said decades ago: “Political elections are a good deal like marriages — there’s no accounting for anyone’s taste.” If people don’t come to their senses before they marry, what makes the media think they will come to their senses before they vote?

  • Don Frankel

    That’s the trouble Muse the Mass Hysteria are busy telling people what to think not reporting what is going on. This in addition to their usual hysteria and the things they just get wrong.

  • Muse and Don,

    You’re both right!


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