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Are our rights being restricted concerning religion?

Religious and holiday freedom today are important topics, which needs to be discussed.  We as individuals should voice our opposition to any movement anytime to curtail or restrict our rights granted under the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides freedom of religion.  The exact language is as follows:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Those who do not believe in God are not required to listen to or watch any of the programs which provide this information.  These programs can be considered educational as those who watch or listen to them want to know more about God and the Bible.

Our country was founded on religious principles and we need to keep these principles alive by voicing our opposition to any movement that would want to restrict our right to watch or listen to these types of programs.  The language of the first amendment I feel says it all.  While I am not a lawyer or judge and I am not an expert in constitutional law any attempt to remove or restrict the practice of religion on or in any type of communication method such as the Internet, Television or Radio is a violation of our rights under this amendment.  The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has jurisdiction in relation to the telecommunications act as passed and amended by Congress.  Another portion of this amendment is the right to free speech.  We have a right to speak freely if it does not violate other individual’s rights such as making false accusations which violate other laws and has penalties for such violations.

There has been much discussion in the past about the separation of church and state.  The separation is proper as it prevents the government from recognizing specific religions.  There should be no action taken by any governmental entity or department to prohibit the free exercise of religion.  This right includes allowing programs online, on the radio, on television or any other medium that offers programs related to religion.  The issue involving separation of church and state seems to have been taken to the extreme in some cases.  Allowing religious displays by any organization and/or government entity I feel, does not violate the principle of separation of church and state if it does not openly support such religion in the display.  Many displays are generic and do not specifically identify the exact religion to which the display is associated.  It is wrong for any court to restrict the freedom to display such information.  Such restrictions, in my opinion, violate the intent of the first amendment.

I am not condemning courts for being involved with such issues but I feel that the decisions in some cases appear to be in a disagreement with the intent of the first amendment.  Sometimes there may be cause to bring such law suits if certain conditions exist which are efforts to promote specific religions.  In most cases I feel that this is not the case.  While those who bring such law suits may have good intentions, others I feel have the intention of restricting our right to display such religious information simply because they do not believe.  People have a right to believe what they want but they have no right to restrict the rights of others to believe and display that belief publicly.  People who feel that we have the right to display such information should fight any effort to restrict the display of religious information.  As I have stated previously in this article our country was founded on religious principles and we should not allow any effort to change the premise on which this country is based.  In the past efforts to change some religious opportunities such as prayer in schools have succeeded to restrict our right to display and practice our beliefs.  It is not something we should let go any further in this country.

In summary we as individuals have a right to express our religious beliefs whether it be verbal, through the written word or through religious displays.  Businesses also have a right to express holiday greetings with religious tones if they so choose and should not be hampered by those who want to restrict this right.  Businesses tend to try and avoid any confrontation with any customers by catering to complaints concerning religion and holiday greetings.  This should not happen.  If I were a business owner and wanted to express proper holiday or religious greetings that have been in use for years I would continue to do so.

We as a society should not be forced by any group to do less than express our beliefs whether others like it or not.  Some people complain about anything because they can.  Their right to complain should not restrict our right to express our feelings.  This includes religious/holiday displays or greetings.  I do not know how others feel but those businesses who accept minority opinion, and it is a minority, to restrict their display of religious/holiday greetings/displays will see reduced if any business from me.  The Ten Commandments is just one example of such information and those who do not believe are not required to either acknowledge it or believe it.  These types of displays should be freely allowed as they have been in the past.  The laws have been the same as they have been from the beginning of our country.  As such the display of such information should not be changed or be restricted through the efforts of others to do so.

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Dennis AuBuchon

2 comments to Are our rights being restricted concerning religion?

  • Dennis,

    The answer to the question is “yes.” And the key is in your last paragraph when you employ the term “minority.” Exactly right. Those who object are even a TINY minority, but have an undue overly proportional influence on ruining it for the vast majority. When I was in grade school, we began the day with the Lord’s Prayer. It simply wasn’t an issue.


  • Mark

    Thanks for your comment and this is why I published this article.

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