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Is there integrity in gas prices?

Today there seems to be a never ending saga of gas prices going up and down.  Is there any integrity in the constant changing prices?  All companies have a right to make a profit but the question in this situation is who is making the profit and is it reasonable.    The constant change of gas prices and the profits continually get reported in the news and this makes people question what is happening with the supply of gas.  Many people complain to the local gas stations but I feel they have little if any control over the prices listed at the pump.  The owners of these stations must make a profit to stay in business but sometimes I see changes in prices several times during the month.  Most gas stations, I believe, receive their supply once a month.  If this is true, then the prices should stay the same until a new delivery is received.

News events seem to dictate that prices will fall or rise based on events that affect the supply of oil from which gasoline is refined and distributed.  In the past there have been minor comments about how the events of today will affect the price of gasoline in three months.  This is because the change in price of oil and the supply to which it is attached does not hit the system until later.  It is not immediate.  However, prices seem to fall or rise based on current events.  This is wrong.  We as individuals cannot do much about changing prices except we can change our driving habits, where possible.  This will create a lower demand and raise our reserves in the United States or anywhere.  The more reserves we have the better we will be in the event the flow of oil is interrupted as with events like Hurricane Katrina.

We as a nation have become comfortable with the supply of gas in the past which has been in ample supply at a good price.  These conditions are changing.  If we as individuals can afford to buy cars that get better gas mileage to help reduce the amount of gas consumed we should do so.  This will be an adjustment.  The manufacturers of automobiles in this country can also help by designing cars with better fuel economy.  They must understand that they can have an impact on the amount of oil we consume. If automobiles had better fuel economy individuals would have more money to spend and our economy would be in better shape.  This can have an affect where more cards could be bought.  People need to have money to spend on the things they need.  The more automobiles are fuel efficient the more money people will have to spend on other commodities.

Another aspect that has a bearing our usage of gas and other energy supplies is that we as a nation must look at other ways of providing the energy we need.  This I believe could have an affect upon gas prices in the future if we start using other sources of energy.  The sun can be one source which can be use as I feel the energy it provides or is available is underutilized.  Some of the other sources of energy may be costly at first but the more we use it the more it becomes available as demand increases.  When this occurs as with other new products the price gets lower.  New products enter in the marketplace at a high price but as more people buy them the price gets lower.  An example of this is the price we now pay for computers.  When they were first introduced many could not afford them but now they are in use everywhere, even in homes.  The more we make changes in our habits the less we will be dependent upon foreign oil to sustain our way of life.

Some may ask how this relates to the subject of the integrity of gas prices.  If we make changes in our energy consumption habits it will help us to reduce our dependence upon foreign oil.  When this occurs it may cause a change of attitude for countries selling this resource to us.  Let us as individuals do what we can, and this means everyone, to reduce our dependence on this resource and develop alternative methods of energy that may not be in short supply.  We should not be comfortable with paying any price for gas as long as we have the money.  The more we spend on gas the less we have to provide for our families.  We all want better things for our families.  What better way is there than to reduce our dependence upon foreign oil and using other sources of energy.  This will not only help make our country more secure, it would help make our families future more secure.  Gas prices they say will get even higher but if we start using other sources of energy we will spend less money on the current source of energy and have more money for our families.  This action may or may not have an impact on the price of gas but it is worth the effort to at least make an attempt at affecting it with our actions.

In summary the government has a responsibility to invest in other sources of energy.  As stated above there is one source of energy that is underutilized, the sun.  We need to harness this energy as it is something that will always be there for us to use.  Other sources of alternative energy exist and we must develop these sources.  There has been much talk on both sides of the isle in Congress but there does not appear to be any evidence or reporting of actions being taken to reduce our energy dependence.  Legislation that is being generated or has been passed does not seem to get any news coverage on the actions we are taking as a nation.

One big point to make is the people have a right to know what the government is doing to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy.  We need actions to support the words that are being reported in the news.  Making statements which are not supported by actions do not hold any value.  Let us inform our senators and representatives at the state and national levels that we want changes.  We may not like some of the choices but it is something we may need to do.  I applaud any government or individual who is doing what they can to start using other sources of energy.  We need to join them and support them in this effort.  Actions that are being taken by individuals and/or private companies in an attempt to reduce our dependence on current sources of energy should be receiving recognition.  I also applaud any private company that may be developing other methods to reduce their dependence on current energy sources.  If they are successful it could be a blessing for the rest of us.

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Dennis AuBuchon

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