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What Ever Happened To?

The Russians fixed the election?  Yeah you can still read some stories about hacking but the whole story seems to have gotten lost in a golden shower of lurid innuendos and fake news that all seem to be circling the drain.  Now the readers of this column, the best informed people in the world, knew two weeks ago that there was no way the Russians could have changed a single vote.  But the hushed implications by all the Cognoscenti who seem to not to have a clue as to what is going on, so much so that we might have to give them a new name like No-Cognoscenti, is the leaked emails from the DNC, cost HerHillaryness the election!  But these are all the very same people who have been telling us since the first Clinton scandal happened some 24 years ago, that whatever it was, it didn’t matter.  Not bimbo eruptions, not the cattle futures, not scurrilous land deals, not lost billing records, not even dead assistants or dead dogs, not even impeachment, no one cared.  It didn’t matter.  Repeat, it didn’t matter.  It never mattered.  No one cared.  No one ever, cared.  Are they now saying that all of a sudden somebody cared?  Like the Russians maybe?

And whatever happened to HerHillaryness herself?  It seems she has disappeared from the scene.  There has been some talk about her running for Mayor of New York but that doesn’t make any sense, as we already have a Mayor who takes money with both hands.  So that would not leave much for the Bill and Hill, Gold & Silver, Pawn Shop and Loan down there in Little Rock.  Now if some indictments come down and Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm can’t run that might be another story.  But still the Bill and Hill Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and Loan down there in Little Rock is used to taking in billions and big as New York is, it only seems to only have generated millions for Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm, so we don’t think this will happen.  But you never know.  Will we endorse her if she runs for Mayor since we endorsed her when she ran for President?  Probably not.  Mayor of New York is a tough job.  Like they say anyone can be President of the United States.  No one ever says that about being Mayor of the City of New York.

And whatever happened to the Bushes, all of them, Bush the Elder, Bush the Younger and Jeb 3x Bush.  They didn’t even show up to the GOP convention.  Rumor has it that some of them voted for HerHillaryness and none of them voted for The Donald Himself.  Will they show up at the DNC next?  If so, they could run Jeb 3x again.  If they do, we bet he’ll be leading in the polls.

Dicens simile factum est

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13 comments to What Ever Happened To?

  • mistermuse

    Don, if you’re saying that some (or even many) people can’t be influenced to act the way the likes of a Hitler, a pope, a Putin, or even a P.T. Barnum want them to act, I’d be interested to know what you ARE saying? I realize that you tagged your post “satire,” but it seems to me there is more than satire implicit in your words.

  • Don Frankel

    When the story broke it was the Russians hacked the election as if they changed the vote totals. We pointed out how that was not possible. Since then some intel honcho I don’t want to bother to look him up said the same thing. Then the story morphed into the Russians hacked the emails that got leaked to the media. No one has said that those emails were fake just that the Russians did it. OMG! No it’s double OMG!! Now what I said here was for the last 24 years the No-Cognoscenti have been saying that whatever it was, it didn’t matter. Nobody cared. Now all of a sudden it mattered? Why? Besides it’s not me saying this it’s everyone who worked with the Clintons for the last 24 years too. Even HerHillaryness said that all these scandals didn’t matter and she said that more times than anyone could ever count. You could look that up. They lost. They’re crying like a bunch of babies. It’s pathetic.

    And no I don’t think any of the above influence people to act someway the don’t want to. People contrary to what the No-cognoscenti tell us, do what they want to do. If they follow any of those people it’s because they choose to and they are usually getting paid or making out on the deal. I don’t think people are mindless lemmings. I know you’ve been told that from all sides all your life but I just don’t think so. And as always I could be wrong as I’m wrong at least once a day.

  • mistermuse

    Don, I don’t think it’s quite as simple as “People do what they want to.” How do people arrive at doing “what they want to” in the first place? I would suggest that they can be led by a number of factors, including the persuasion and rhetoric of those who are in a position and/or have the power to influence them. People don’t grow up to be Nazis, Catholics, liberals, conservatives or anything else in a cultural vacuum. People may not be “mindless lemmings,” but neither are they (in many cases) independent, open-minded critical thinkers.

  • mistermuse

    P.S. As to the election specifically, conservative columnist Kathleen Parker’s opinion piece is worth a fair hearing, don’t you think?


  • Don Frankel

    Muse political parties spend all their time attempting to manipulate the people with limited success. I do believe that a huge number of people simply vote the same party all their lives and you’re right that is sort of mindless. But that’s because they believe that one party is the good guys and the other one are the bad guys so they are voting what they think is for the greater good. But to me that’s not voting. That’s not exercising choice. I’ve asked this question before a while back and no one ever answered it. Do the good people join the good party and the bad people join the bad party or is it once they join whichever party they become good or bad? Does that make any sense?

    The Talking Heads and the politicos like this Kathleen Parker write an article or millions of them from a perspective of whether or not they like the candidate. If for some reason she liked Anthony Weiner she’d make a whole bunch of arguments why he wasn’t such a bad guy. She doesn’t like Donald Trump because he’s not a real conservative so all these things are now issues. Let’s get real. Suppose everything she said is true and Donald Trump stole the election with the help of the Russians. I hate to quote HerHillaryness on this but. “At this point what difference does it make?” This is almost as dumb as the Birther issue was with Obama but not quite.

    She writes that article hoping that you’ll read it think Trump is a bad guy and vote for her guy next time around. Also she gets paid to write that. She’s got to write something from a conservative perspective. Trump is the only candidate since Eisenhower who could have run for the other party. He was not the Republican Governor or Senator from somewhere. If he had most of the people calling him names would be singing his praises and vice versa. This loving and hating and good guy bad guy stuff is a waste of all our time. When you vote for someone you are hiring them to do a job. If they do a good job vote for them again. If they don’t vote for someone else. If we did that we’d have good government real fast as whoever got elected would know they needed to perform or they’d be gone.

  • mistermuse

    Don, I though I was cynical, but you seem even more cynical than I in certain areas. For example, I wouldn’t paint all “Talking Heads” with the same brush. I think Parker is one of the more clear-thinking, fair-minded and even-handed columnists out there (even though my views are generally less conservative than hers). I suspect that, deep down, even you don’t think one commentator is as bad as another.

    Politics seems to be a subject that invariably leads to more heat than light, so in the interest of moving on, I will ‘surrender’ here and look forward to your next post (at least it’s winter, so the heat is good for something!).

    Take care.

  • Don Frankel

    No, I don’t think they’re all the same at all. Some of them are just complete hacks with no regard for the truth or reality. I wouldn’t include her in that. I’m not that familiar with Parker but I’m sure I read her before. She seems sober and thoughtful. But she seems like a true conservative and to them Trump is anathema. Imagine putting tariffs on goods coming into the country! That’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. So she’s not going to like him. That’s not dishonest. I don’t think I’m being cynical because I don’t see her as some objective observer. And I could be wrong.

    But this whole Russian thing is ridiculous. Like I said its almost as bad as the Birther stuff. Let’s say they proved that Obama was born in Kenya. It doesn’t matter. His mother was an American citizen that makes him a citizen. It wouldn’t matter where he was physically born. But let’s say they called in Grissom and the CSI crew and proved that his mother listed on the birth certificate wasn’t his actual mother. He was the maid’s kid. He’s already President. There’s no do overs. It’s not the schoolyard. To me its so ridiculous its funny. Maybe I’m wrong. We can agree to disagree.

  • You forget the Russians had help from the FBI, teaming up with them for the first time in public history. And of course many leaning Hillary voters were probably turned off by the leaks and the rumors that they didn’t bother casting their votes. I think that’s obvious but ignoring the obvious, while indulged in by all politicians for forever, has sprung to the top rank as a political strategy in the Trump era, so I don’t blame you, Sir Don, for jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Debby

    Another good read Mr Frankel. Keep them coming!

  • Don Frankel

    Richard the IVth, we’re the big losers here as we endorsed HerHillaryness and she lost. But we go where the rest of the media fears to tread so one of our major points here was why would anyone care about HerHillarness’s emails when all of her people everywhere and ever Talking Head said over and over again that they didn’t matter? They’ve also said that about every Clinton scandal for the last 24 years. Why would this be any different? We are the only ones who pointed this out. And as I pointed out to Muse this is almost as dumb as the Birther nonsense but not quite.

  • Don Frankel

    Thank you Debby. As you can see we go where the rest of the media fears to tread.

  • Livingstone

    Don makes a great point. Even Bernie was tired of hearing about the ‘damned emails,’ which didn’t mean anything. Odd how they matter so much now.

    If Loretta and Bill hadn’t rubbed jets on the tarmac followed by pillow talk about yoga and the grandkids, the FBI would have been quiet until after the election. In fact, if Mrs Clinton had handled her email properly we would have missed the risotto recipe and all of the scandal. And to say that she didn’t know better is disingenuous, isn’t it? She did it with the intent of evasion and we all know it is true.

    Hillary Clinton lost because she was herself deplorable. The truth was what put a stake in her heart. Donald Trump was just the blunt instrument. Now we have to wish him well and hope for the best and barring an asteriod strike, this too shall pass.

  • Don Frankel

    Dr. Livingston, “If Loretta and Bill hadn’t rubbed jets on the tarmac followed by pillow talk about yoga and grandkids,” is priceless. You’ve got to flesh that out into either an article here or well a full length porn movie. It wouldn’t be the Mile High Club but then it could even be better. Perhaps this could all be filed under. “Losers have excuses.”

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