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Why Donald Trump Should Be Your President

Back on June 16, 2015 Donald J. Trump announced he was running for President.  The Mass Hysteria with almost all its Talking Heads in concurrence, assured everyone who would listen that The Donald Himself was a clown, a huckster and had absolutely no chance of either getting the republican nomination or ever getting elected President of The United States.  Well we weighed in with this article on June 22, 2015.  We think the applicable term here is prescient.

First off and people forget this because of the TV show and the Miss America Pageant and the Casinos he owns that The Donald was, is and will always be a Landlord.  And, not just any kind of a Landlord but a New York City Landlord.  There is no one more hated yes but that’s because there is no one more feared than the New York City Landlord.  Why, because he will evict you.  The Landlord does not feel your pain.  Pay your rent or watch your life from the curb.

And, he’ll balance the Budget.  It is not uncommon when doing big construction contracts like the kind you make when building a 68 story Condominium in New York City that you hold the last 10 or 15 percent of every job, till everything is completed.  Well everyone knows that The Donald never pays that last payment on any contract.  Hey shave 10 to 15 percent off the Federal Budget and Voila!  Balanced Budget!

And, he’s not going to sit and try to answer stupid questions from the media.  If someone asks him.  “If you were a tree what kind of a tree would you be?”  He’ll tell them an 80 story Condominium overlooking Central Park.  You can come up and look at the trees in Central Park from there.

And, he’s worth 9 billion dollars.  He won’t need anyone like the Coke Brothers or Goldman Sachs, who he’ll owe favors too.  And, you won’t see him opening up his version of the Bill & Hill Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and Loan down there in Little Rock.  He could buy the place and put up an 80 story Condominium.

They say he has no foreign policy experience but that’s not true.  The Donald wanted to build a Golf Course in Scotland and they told him no.  I mean there were people in their homes and there were wind farms.  He built it anyway.  You can see the wind farms real good from the 9th tee we’re told.  And, the people in their homes?  They got evicted.  There’s a 5 Star Hotel there now.  I guess they can get a room like everyone else and play the course on what used to be their front lawns.  So long as they pay, of course.

And, what are the World’s Leaders going to do if they don’t like something he does?  Go to the U.N.?  Everyone knows that building overlooking the East River would make a great Condominium.  No one in the City wants those people around either.  They park all over the place and they don’t even pay the tickets.  All together now everyone, one, two, three E-V-I-C-T-E-D.  You think anyone around here is going to shed a tear over that?  Not hardly.

So the next time you see one of these know it all Pundits from the Mass Hysteria saying how The Donald can’t possibly be The President of the United States of America, just tell them to call us, we’ll explain it to them.  And, tell them to do it fast before The Donald buys their TV network and they find themselves, evicted and watching their lives from the curb.

Run Donald Run!

Si veritatem dico potentaim

Pro Bono Publico


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11 comments to Why Donald Trump Should Be Your President

  • mistermuse

    Don, since you tagged this as “satire” and included “Humor” in the category line, I’ll regard the post as such and assume that you didn’t intend it to be taken seriously.

  • mistermuse

    Don, I feel that I should apologize for the tone of my previous comment. Because we’ve been online friends for years, I always reply to your posts, but this post (and the one before) more or less put me in a bind in that I found them ‘seriously’ disagreeable, and if it were anyone else, I would have left them go without comment.

    Your current post, for instance, strikes me as an attempt to overlook (or at least pardon) Trump’s vitriol by saying that’s the way NYC landlords operate. I’ve said before that that way of dealing with people doesn’t justify such behavior where I come from….and I doubt that it does even in NYC because, if I’m not mistaken, NYC voters voted against him big time.

    I think that, in the future, (as much as I hate to do so) I will let a post of yours pass without comment if it tempts me to respond the way I first responded to this one.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, you don’t have to apologize and you don’t have to comment on every post. When I go on my Facebook page I’m always amused that I have friends who both hate and love both Obama and Trump. I neither love nor hate anyone I don’t know. There just people in the news. They’re not real. I can’t see getting all bent out of shape over any of them. I’m pretty sure you’re a liberal and most liberals are having a melt down. Why I don’t really don’t understand. But because of all the vitriol out there things just don’t seem so funny to any of you. That’s kind of sad. If it upsets you don’t even read these.

    Nothing is going to change in your personal life. Mostly Presidents come and go. This will be the 13th President in my lifetime and I think the 14th in yours. I actually went back in my personal life to find a President who took an action and it effected my life. I wasn’t amazed at how long ago it was 47 years but who it was, the 37th President of the United States Richard Milhous Nixon. As you well know since you served, military service was compulsory. Well I was 19 in 1969 in college, but somewhere up ahead I was going to have to do something until Nixon first had a lottery where I got a high number and then did away with the draft altogether. Military service was no longer something I had to do. Other than that my life and it seems most everyone else’s life just had its ups and downs and whoever was the President had nothing to do with it. What was Hillary getting elected President going to do for you? And I mean personally.

    What I was trying to do in an earlier exchange is explain how landlords operate and Trump is a master of it but if you and everyone else want to see him as evil incarnate go ahead. As you know I live in New York and of course have a lot of liberal friends. I’ve heard things like. “We’ll lose our pensions. They are going to do away with Social Security and Medicare.” And this one I heard from a lot of people. “The right wing Nazis will feel emboldened and there will be blood running in the streets.” I hear these kinds of things from educated and professional people. I don’t know what anyone gets out of this but hey knock yourself out.

    I don’t get offended if people disagree with me. I don’t need to agree with people to be their friend. It seems kind of crazy to me, when people get mad at people who do care about them over people they don’t know from a hole in the wall.

  • mistermuse

    Thanks, Don. Actually, I don’t consider myself a liberal (at least, not an ideological one) because I don’t think in lockstep with every liberal cause. As you know, I said a number of times that Hillary was a flawed candidate, although I voted for her as the so-called lesser of two evils. Neither do I think Obama was perfection personified, though if I had my druthers, four more years of Obama (if that were possible) would have been infinitely preferable to The Donald, whom I’ve never labeled a conservative, even after he has named many far-right conservative to his cabinet and staff. Actually I don’t know what he is, as he seems to have no guiding/core philosophy other than narcissism.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse the only people with consistent liberal or conservative views are the Talking Heads. If Chris Matthews ever has a conservative thought or Hannity ever has a liberal thought they are not going to voice it over the air. They know their respective audiences don’t want to hear it. That’s not being phony on their parts it’s how they make a living and it’s their role in the world.

    I’m sure you and a whole lot of people see Trump as the Bogey Man and if that’s what they think that’s what he’ll be. I think he’s funny. I mean he just stood there in front of all the past Presidents of the last 24 years and told them off. Basically he said what you all did was bogus and I’m not going to do that. I’ve never seen that. And, you just said you don’t know what he is. That’s a valid point. I’m sure no one else does either including yours truly. He has no public record. Aside from what he says what has he actually done, to piss you guys off so much? I actually know but I don’t think anyone’s ready to hear it. When I say done I mean an action, he’s taken. Most candidates have passed legislation or governed a certain way in their previous jobs or voted one way or the other but not Trump. So what exactly are you all pissed off at?

  • mistermuse

    Don, it amazes me how easily you dismiss “Aside from what he says” as if that doesn’t matter. I can think of few things that matter more in assessing a person’s character. Must I compile a list of all the degrading and vile things he has said in order to make my point? I’ll cite just one of almost countless examples: his insinuation that Ted Cruz’s father was complicit in Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination of JFK.

    As far as I’m concerned, Trump can (try to) do what he wants as President. That his prerogative as Pres. But as a human being, he is not entitled to treat others like scum if it suits his purposes.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, I worked for Kalikow Properties and then HPD of the City of New York not for Trump. You can dislike him all you want. I was referring to all the hysteria I hear from people in NYC. They are going to lose their pensions, Social Security and Medicare. The neo-Nazis will be out and blood will run in the streets. You also hear stuff like that in the media. There’s nothing he’s ever done to indicate that hysteria and Presidents have no such powers to do any of that. But you can dislike his routine all you want.

  • mistermuse

    Don, I will end my part of this discussion by saying that, while I didn’t expect you to see Trump from my point of view, I was truly disappointed when you said that you “find him funny.” I don’t think you’d find him funny if he impugned YOUR father (as he did Cruz’s) by claiming he was complicit in Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination of JFK. I guess it all depends (as the old saying goes) on who’s ox is being gored.

    Yes, Trump is funny, all right — about as funny as polluted air….which is exactly the atmosphere we and our children are being accustomed to breathing as his mocking, insults, and megalomania become the ‘new normal.’ Sad.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, the object here for me is not to argue politics or people or to argue at all. My frame of mind is if Mark Twain was alive now what would he say? That’s all. If I’ve offended you I’m sorry. But if people get offended by what I write that’s somewhat unavoidable.

    No I would not care if Donald Trump insulted my father as I would not care if Bill & Hill, the Obamas and all the Bushes and even if Abraham Lincoln got up from his grave and they all insulted my father and me. Why? Because I know who my father was and I know who I am too. I’ve hated a mere handful of people and it was because of what they did and who they were. Never because somebody said something. They earned it.

    I hate the terms black and white in terms of identity as you well know but in terms of description I’ll use them here. I am a white man who was married to a black woman and most people in the City of New York could give two bleeps. But then some people don’t like that. I also have a whole lot of friends who are black so it was not just when I was with my wife and I’m not going to give you a litany of the slights as there is not enough room here. Probably not anywhere else either. But it didn’t bother me. Why? Because it was not my problem. It’s the people who hate who have the problem.

    My in-laws are from Haiti and they are beautiful, elegant, brilliant and downright arrogant about it. In short, they think their bleep is ice cream and I fit right in with them because I think my bleep is ice cream too. So if someone tries to insult me, it doesn’t much register.

  • Wow! Don and muse. Some comment thread. Really enjoyed reading it and learning more about both of you. Don, I thought your post was right out of a crystal ball! Have you ever considered making more money as a fortune teller? With satirical humor, you amazingly nailed it. As for Trump, I think in a serious vein Tim Brice captured what makes him tick some time back. I won’t tell you what I personally think. Let’s stick with the humorous. 🙂


  • Don Frankel

    Thank you Mark. No crystal ball needed. I worked for Kalikow Properties, Rose Associates both two big Real Estate Companies and then I spent 25 years working for a NYC Housing Agency. I’ve negotiated with thousands of landlords and I worked for a guy at Kalikow who could give Trump a run for his money. He was probably the smartest man I ever knew.

    One of the things I learned early on when negotiating with landlords and it was my first rule of negotiation. Whoever gets mad first loses. Whether your in front of a Judge or just pleading your side of the story in a hearing if you’re all purple in the face with rage and anger you lose all perspective, common sense and you’re done. Wherever Trump is either in the White House or up in Trump Tower while all these people are getting purple with rage, he’s laughing his ass off.

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