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We Care

The Clinton Global Initiative has closed its doors.  Which means that institution created to “bring the world’s leaders together to find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges” is no more.  The billions collected to solve the World’s problems, are gone, somewhere.  And this means the problems will go on and on.  And without the world’s leaders and their innovative solutions to meet them.  And, the billions…  Gone somewhere.  But what can anyone do?  Worse than that, is this tragic passing, has gone almost unreported.  Only this site here and a few others have noted its passing.  Does no one care?

And no one has announced they will run for Mayor of the City of New York!  OMG!  Now it’s assumed Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm is running for re-election but he has not announced!  You have to announce or it doesn’t count.  It’s also rumored that HerHillaryness will run but she’s not announced so it doesn’t count either.  There’s also the continuous rumor that John Castimatidis the Super Market King is running but he’s not announced.  If you really want to run you have to announce!  That’s the way it’s done.  You could look it up.  And it’s January 26th already!  The election is on November 7th!  That’s only a little over nine months away.  Doesn’t anyone want to be our Mayor?  Does no one care?

BREAKING NEWS!  NEWS ALERT!  This just in.  Jane Fonda and her latest paramour Richard Perry not to be confused with Rick Perry former Governor of Texas, have split up.  OMG!  We’re sorry to say that the 4th time around wasn’t the charm for Ms. Fonda.  So after Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner we have to add Richard Perry to her list of, Not Quite Mr. Right.  And, Richard Perry is not to be confused with Richard Petty the race car driver.  Now they weren’t actually married but they’d bought a house together and now that house is up for sale.  And that is as much a signal of the end as any divorce decree.  Yeah it’s sort of a ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ here except the house didn’t go poof, nobody died and they’ll make some dough off the sale.  But this sad tale of dying love is only on Page Six of the New York Post!  And it’s not even the leading story.  Hey we’re talkin’ Jane Fonda, film icon Henry Fonda’s daughter, Peter Fonda another film icon’s sister.  Kee-rist we’re talkin’ Hanoi Jane here!  And, no seems to be taking note except for us here and Page Six of The New York Post.  So once again we have to ask.  Does no one care?

As you can tell by the title here, even if no one else does…  We care.  And now, so do you.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

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6 comments to We Care

  • mistermuse

    Don, seeing as how you care, have you given any thought to running for mayor of NYC yourself? After all, you once supported Hillary — maybe she’d be willing to return the favor.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, we thank you for your support. Unfortunately I worked for the City for 25 years and that was more than enough. I’ve done my civic duty. But I was thinking of someone and you might be able to help facilitate it. Lucy Lou for Mayor of New York! NYC has way more fire hydrants than Rabbit Hatch could ever dream of. If she prefers trees don’t let her be discouraged. Not only is there Central Park but there is also Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Van Cortland Park in the Bronx and Alley Pond and Cunningham parks in Queens. We probably have more trees too. But most of all make her understand that if she is the Mayor of New York she can piss anywhere and pretty much on anyone she wants.

    Yeah I know I know she’s probably going to say. “Ruff Ruff.” But she looks pretty tough to me.

  • mistermuse

    Don, according to my sources, Lucy Lou is doggone tired of politics (& who can blame her) after 8 years as mayor of Rabbit Hash, and she’s not about to come out of retirement to run for a bigger doghouse in the Big Apple.

    What I’D like to have Lucy Lou do is go after the jackasses behind the pointless (so far as I can tell) CAPTCHA Code which must be entered correctly in order to reply to your posts. This is the second straight post where my initial reply disappeared into cyberspace when I clicked “Post Comment.” Grrrrr!

  • Don Frankel

    Muse I guess the best laid plans of mice and me, a Gang aft a-gley so we’ll have to do without her.

    I hate the CAPTCHA Code things too especially when they are math questions and I get them wrong. But you could get a log in code even if you never post here and skip it.

  • Don and muse,

    Well, I hadn’t heard about Hanoi Jane’s “house fall.” Hmmmm. When will I ever learn this is the place to come for cutting-edge news?

    Muse–sign in, then post. You won’t lose the text that way.

    Just heard today over birthday dinner from two friends that three giant asteroids are headed for Earth and will possibly hit about 2022. But–who cares? 😉


  • Don Frankel

    Mark, remember we go where the rest of the media fears to tread. As you know S.M.O.D. missed but these must be S.M.O.D. II, III and IV and as Riddick the Sci-fi guy from The Chronicles of Riddick said about the Universe. “It’s got to end sometime.”

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