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Energy and Endings

When I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling quite right.  I wasn’t sick or anything but I had planned on going to the gym and well I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had slept well too.  It was just well…  I just didn’t have the energy.  I was low energy.  Then I realized…  This is what it must be like to be Jeb Bush.  Or as we like to call him around here, Jeb 3x Bush.

Then I got to thinking what does he do every day?  I mean since I felt just like him.  I guess he opens his email, has coffee but then like what?  I’m guessing he must be planning on running for President in 2020.  Like what else would he do?  He doesn’t have a job.  He was already the Governor of Florida.  His Daddy was President.  His older brother was President and everyone says he’s smarter than his older brother and he must have heard that all his life.  And his older brother became The President of The United States!  So like now, what?

We know Jeb 3x Bush did not vote for President The Donald Himself and he did not even attend the GOP convention, so running as a republican might be out for now.  But then there is the democrat party.  Now before everyone starts saying no way, no way remember that all the Talking Heads in America especially those on the left said that after HerHillaryness, the dems had no one.  They had no bench.  Well they haven’t added anyone since, so let us be the first to ask why not?  Why not Jeb 3x Bush?  Yeah there are things like the issues and stuff but he can change his mind or well he can evolve.  Besides, does that stuff even matter anymore?  I mean everyone agreed the dems had no one and after being Jeb 3x Bush for a few hours trust me, he has nothing else going on either.  Other than maybe a nap.

Now Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm aka Bill de Blasio is set to meet with Federal Prosecutors.  They have questions about his fake charities and huge sums of monies given to them in return for favors from the Mayor.  The Mayor has said that he can explain everything.  So this could just be like an old episode of ‘I Love Lucy’.  Lucy would have spent most of the show planning and scheming and finally her husband Desi would get some idea of what kind of craziness had been going on and he’d exclaim.  “Lucy you have some s’plannin’ to do!”  At which point Lucy would fess up and everyone had a whole bunch of laughs.  So maybe that’s what will happen here.  Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm will explain everything and Preet Bharara the Attorney General for the Southern District of The United States of America and all his Assistants will sit around and everyone will just laugh and laugh and it will all end like an old episode of ‘I Love Lucy’.

Then again an ‘I Love Lucy’ episode only lasted 30 minutes with the commercials and this interview is scheduled to last four hours.  Seems Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm has a whole lot of s’plannin’ to do.  And we also hear his staff is afraid he’ll give them up.  Now this is not how an episode of I Love Lucy would end.  Sounds more like the ending of a movie, like ‘Goodfellas’ or ‘Donny Brasco’.


Dicens simile factum est

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2 comments to Energy and Endings

  • mistermuse

    Speaking of “I Love Lucy,” I believe Lucy Lou could be persuaded to run as a Democrat in the next presidential election. Granted, Lucy didn’t get very far running as an Independent in the last election, but don’t forget her campaign was run on a shoestring that she tore from her owner’s shoe, and after fire destroyed the Rabbit Hash General Store, she lost her campaign headquarters as well as her shoestring. I think with the backing (both financial and organizational) of a major political party behind her, she could send Trump packing with his tail between his legs. I’ve even thought of a campaign slogan for her: WHY RE-ELECT AN AMATEUR WHEN YOU CAN VOTE FOR A REAL DOG?

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, I get the picture. You don’t like President The Donald Himself. You can go here. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump and send him a tweet. I don’t work for him.

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