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The Headline of the story in the New York Post screamed.  ‘Amanda Knox pursued by a drug dealing lesbian!’  And, we were shocked.  Of course the first thing we needed to know was, who is Amanda Knox?  Turns out she was the woman almost a decade ago who was arrested in Italy in a sex and drugs murder.  It got to be a big thing, even if it was a government said she said kind of thing.  There was a trial or two trials or some such and finally she got acquitted.  But she’d been in prison in Italy for four years and while she was there a drug dealing lesbian wanted to have sex with her!  Shock, horror and who’d a’ thunk it?  I mean can anyone imagine such a thing?  In prison no less!  We were as shocked as you.

And Melania Trump is unhappy!  Seems The First Lady doesn’t like all the nasty things being said about her husband, her and her ten year old son!  She can’t go shopping like she used to and she’s holed up in Trump Tower most of the time.  She doesn’t want to come out.  Oh the horror!  She does seem happy when she’s at the multi-million dollar estate Mar-a-largo but then who wouldn’t?  She doesn’t like the White House and she doesn’t want to do the traditional White House tours that First Ladies do.  Oh the horror!  And, we know all this because one of her friends a “Stylist” said so.  What is a “Stylist” by the way?  Is that like a Hairdresser?  Would she lie to us?  We have to be careful here.   Not that a woman with 9 billion dollars, married to the President United States who could just fly anywhere in the world on a whim and who looks like well… Melania couldn’t be unhappy, just that it might be fake news.

And just when you thought it was safe because both S.M.O.D. and the Ebola missed, here comes ‘Deep State’!  No it’s not something from outer space or a disease that eats your brain.  This is something made up of real human beings and not dead ones either, like zombies.  ‘Deep State’ is a consortium of bureaucrats, government officials, legislators and even journalists, who all work in unison to gum up the works of government.  Yes it sounds like the Illuminati or the Free Masons but before you dismiss it as another conspiracy theory, this is believed in by none other than Bill Kristol!  And, in case you don’t know him, he’s the founder, editor and publisher of The Weekly Standard.  The Weekly Standard while conservative is not out of the mainstream or even considered alt-right.  But Billy the Kid Kristol not only believes in ‘Deep State’, he prefers it to the government itself.

Some of ‘Deep State’ are people put there by the Obama Administration, some from the Bush Administration both I and II, the Reagan Administration and a few are still there from the Kennedy/Johnson era.  Now you know why we blew it in Viet Nam, Iraq, and why there’s a Starbucks on every corner.  You didn’t think all those Barista crewed outlets could possibly be making money, did you?

But now we’re on the case of ‘Deep State’.  So stay tuned right here as it all unravels.  This might be bigger than Watergate, Benghazi or even O.J.


Dicens simile factum est

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5 comments to Headlines!

  • mistermuse

    Don, news has gotten to the point where I don’t know what to make of it any more, so I’ll go with a few quotes on the subject from others:

    “In the case of news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.” -Voltaire

    “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.” -Lord Northcliffe

    “News is anything that causes a woman to say, “My goodness!” -Mark Twain (How quaint that sounds today!)

  • mistermuse

    Make that “where I DON’T know what to make of it any more.”

  • Don Frankel

    Muse, it’s fixed. But not to worry. Damn the typos full speed ahead!

    Yeah there are days when it’s so funny on its own that I can’t add or detract.

  • Don,

    Well, I was aware of Melania’s “restlessness” and certainly the “deep state,” but not the drug dealing lesbian! Thank heavens I checked in when I did or I might have missed that altogether!


  • Don Frankel

    Mark, this is why you and everyone else has to stop here. Imagine if you’d never learned of this?

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