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WikiLeaks Guess Who?

Now with WikiLeaks dumping over eight thousand highly classified documents into the public forum, the CIA, the FBI and the Mass Hysteria have all gone into overdrive.  Well actually the Mass Hysteria is always in overdrive but the big question for all of them is…  Who done it?  Who?  Who could possibly have stolen all these documents from the most secure CIA facilities in existence!!!!????  Now we apologize for the use of numerous exclamation and question marks, in that last sentence but these are extraordinary times and this is an extraordinary situation.

And, there are days when we see things the rest of the media doesn’t.  Then there are days where we just go where the rest of the media fears to tread.  But then there are days like today, when we feel like we have to teach a remedial course in history.  I mean who done it, is as plain as the nose on anyone’s face.  Who else could it be?  Psst, psst, hint, hint.  It’s the Russians!

Now there have been countless hours devoted to the Russians hacking the election by the Talking Heads and the Mass Hysteria but no one has pointed out what they could have possibly done, to change a single vote.  But subverting the CIA?  It’s why they get up in the morning!  It’s what they do!  The KGB remember them?  The Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnoti or The Committee for State Security.  Vladimir Putin was the head of the KGB!

BTW Eric Snowden leaker extraordinaire is living where?  Russia!

Just in case you missed it among the many leaked treasures released yesterday by WikiLeaks were these facts about the CIA’s new capabilities.

The Iphone you have, can be weaponized.  It can be infected with a virus and once infected with that virus, they’ll know where you are.  Wait a second doesn’t Uber do this?  Itunes?  Your local pizza guy?

The Samsung smart TV can actually hear and probably see what you’re doing which is probably watching that Samsung TV, and eating pizza delivered by the local guy who knows where you are via your Iphone.

Now this one is really scary.  The CIA has looked into, hacking into the computer in your car, taking over the controls and then driving it off the road.  With you in it of course.  This would be a nearly undetectable assassination.  But wait, what if driving off the road didn’t kill you?  What with air bags and all the improvements to car safety over the years?  So this doesn’t seem like they got all the kinks out.  Maybe it’s best to stick with the old fashioned car bomb.  Just a suggestion.  For now at least.

But these are dangerous times we live in and the Russians, are everywhere.  There are no safe spaces anymore.  We just hope that the CIA, the FBI and the Mass Hysteria can connect the dots the way they should have before 9/11.  Before it’s all too late.

And, we hope this little article helps.


Semper vigilantes

Pro Bono Publico

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2 comments to WikiLeaks Guess Who?

  • mistermuse

    Don, when you said who done it is as plain as the nose on your face, I thought you meant the butler did it. In the good old days, the butler always did it. What is the world coming to when the butler no longer does it? I guess they don’t make worlds like they used to anymore.

  • Don Frankel

    Muse I wouldn’t know this first hand but I’ve heard that you just can’t get good help anymore.

    But speaking of the Butler did it in the second Thin Man movie, After The Thin Man a very young and not yet billed by the name he would be famous for did it. It’s funny watching him get cornered at the end and doing the yeah I did it and here’s why because after this he’d always be the good guy. It’s a very young not yet Jimmy but rather James Stewart.

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