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Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.
Mahatma Gandhi

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“Gimmie Shelter” – 1969

Haunting Song – Rolling Stones,
Repressed Thoughts – Make no Bones.
I was Drafted – Did not Run,
Hell for Some – Just Begun.

Love this Tune – Don’t know Why,
Times I Listen – Want to Cry.
Was no Hero – Conscious Try,
But I Served – Did not Die.

Genius Intro – Called a Riff,
Interpretations – What’s the Diff?
Mary Clayton – Searing Voice,
Brought to Life – I Rejoice.

Turn Away – Face it Front?
Like so Many – Was a Grunt.
Respect Veterans – All who Served,
What most Got – Not Deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bob Grant
I am semi-retired and host a number of Wordpress content management system websites. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and my work history was primarily spent within the business community.

4 comments to “Gimmie Shelter” – 1969

  • Russell Bittner

    Thanks, Bob, for the visual and musical reminder of another no-so-good time.


  • Bob Grant

    Turbulent times for those of us who experienced it for sure!

  • Don Frankel

    Well said Bob and poignant montage there. A rather unique and bizarre time for us to grow up in. I’m a little younger than you and I got a high number in the draft lottery so I never looked back. My plan if I needed one was to join the Navy. No way I’d ever leave the USA or try to Psycho out of the draft like a few people I knew did. Crazy times that was for sure.

  • Bob Grant

    So many “non-believes” within the service and out – including me.

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