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Love Is In The Air?

J Lo and A-rod are dating.  Some people want to call them J-rod and others want to call them A-Lo.  Which do you like?

Then Pamela Anderson is dating Julian Assange of WilkiLeaks fame.  They can’t go out because if Julian leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he’ll get arrested.  Seems he’s wanted for a few things like espionage, treason and rape.  But this robs us of those cute little pictures of Pam and him holding hands while walking around Hyde Park or dinning somewhere.  Also we not sure what kind of a future they’ll have what with him stuck in that Embassy.  The common complaint of “we don’t go out anymore” might come into play real early here.  Oh well Quel dommage.

But for now Pam says Julian Assange is the most intelligent and informed person in the world.  Well he should be, since he reads everyone’s emails.  But who can deny that love is in the air?

Someone once said.  “There are no second acts in American lives.”  But that was F. Scott Fitzgerald and that was back in the 1930’s before TV, I Love Lucy, DVDs and apps.  So this not so much a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th act for these star crossed lovers.  These are more like a reruns where we know the ending but we still like to watch.  Because it’s cute.  And who would dare deny since spring is almost here, that love is in the air?

And, one of our favorites got the heave ho.  Preet Bharara unrelenting and dogged U. S Attorney General for the Southern District was fired.  Some speculate that it was because he was a friend of Senator Chuckie Schumer.  Others say it’s just routine politics as all U.S. Attorneys get replaced when there is an administration elected from the opposite party.  But to us it is pretty damn obvious.  The Russians ordered it.  So this is sort of a bouquet thrown towards Vladimir Putin.  Like we asked, is love in the air?

And shock, horror and amazement the Russians were meeting with The HerHillaryness campaign!  Seems the Russians met with them just as they met with President The Donald Himself’s people!  Is there no end to Russian perfidy!   And, should President The Donald Himself feel like a jilted lover?  We’re the Russians playing the field?  Betting the field?  Did they also met with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein?  Oh just in case you missed it, those two ran for President too.

But don’t be fooled here.  The Russians are coming and coming for us.  Coming for all the things we have; our wealth, our freedom and all the other things we hold dear; like the NFL, the Kardashians and all our Cooking shows.  It’s just like the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s all over again.  It may seem like spring is just about here but there is no love in the air coming from the Kremlin.  They’re like the blizzard that is hitting New York City and the rest of the northeast today.  They will bury us.


Semper vigilantes

Pro Bono Publico




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