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Essential Things to Know About Microwave Therapy

Microwave therapy, using microwave therapy machines is a kind of treatment, which is used where the tissues of the body are heated up by irradiation from the microwave therapy machine, and this in turn, either damages or kills the cancer cells or make them vulnerable to other modes of elimination through anti-cancer drugs.

Microwave Therapy Machine

What is the specific process of the therapy:

Cancer therapy by the usage of a microwave therapy machine takes place when a microwave therapy machine is used in addition to high frequency therapy on the affected area, and under the combined influence of matching of common frequencies heat is made to be produced in the concerned tissue structure. The beam field method is usually used with the help of applicators in case of a microwave therapy machine.

Types of microwave therapy machine:

Treatment via microwave falls under the category of heat therapy, otherwise known as diathermy.  Different kinds of microwave therapy machines you could expect to see are;

  • Leads
  • Infra –red desktop models which deal with projection of narrow beams of infra-red light and are used especially for heating below the surface.
  • Infrared lamp floor models which are primarily used for heat therapy. They increase flow of blood by making the area more flexible by the application of infrared beams to connecting tissues.

What are Magneto therapy units and what are their uses?

Magneto therapy units, which are fitted out with the requisite materials to create a magnetic flux, cause vibrations and resultant heat, thus helping cells to recover quickly. Best effects can be felt if this microwave therapy machine is used to heat deep internal organs. Four step temperature settings as well as micro-vibrations are possible as well.

  • A microwave unit is the best option for a microwave therapy machine. This unit has both pulsed as well as continuous mode. Non-thermal therapy is done with the pulsed mode while thermal treatment is achieved with continuous mode. There exists an applicator, which is in between the sizes of the normal circular and rectangular ones.
  • This increases the convenience by leaps and bounds.there is no longer any need to change applicators, regardless of purpose or area of treatment. Newer models have a volume, which is lesser by as much as 60%, great savings in terms of space.
  • Alternate oscillation methods are also available, making it possible for two people to be treated at the same time, in addition to all these benefits, the real clincher is the fact that the nerves as well as the area under treatment can be seen to at the same time by simultaneous irradiation.

Body balance and harmony is created with the help of a microwave therapy machine:

A reduction in treatment time as well as harmony in the body is created with this microwave therapy machine.

  • Suction hoses are also an important part of the machines, and doctors need to operate the machine with caution, as the level of suction should be moderate, not too high or not too low.
  • Shortwave diathermy unit:these are the latest and the best in terms of a microwave therapy It has a solid-state generator whose induction field circuits provide short wave frequencies of as less as 27 MHz which are successful in going deep the tissues of muscles, without heating the fat or bone. Uniformity of the frequency is assured by the presence of the solid-state generator, and among patients, this is a good option for pain relief, joint pain, muscle stiffness, and problems of a more serious nature. There is a fan in the unit that takes care of all the cooling.

Now in many advanced medical fields, the microwave therapy is used to allow the patients recover quickly.

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