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The Role of Industrial Refrigeration and the Tips to Choosing One

Fully functional industrial refrigeration plays an important role for any business involved in the food industry.

  • Right from keeping the fishes fresh to making sure that bananas are able to ripen in the suburban warehouse, industrial refrigeration plays huge role worldwide for the host of different purposes.
  • Dairy products should stay chilled all the while and it is the work of refrigeration to convert hot air into cold air.
  • When it comes to manufacturing industry, refrigeration is an absolute necessity. In the manufacturing industry, the refrigerator is used to liquefy methane, oxygen, nitrogen. In the chemical plants and oil refineries, sophisticated cooling equipment are used.

Industrial Refrigeration

Cold Storage and Multiple Uses of Industrial Refrigeration:

Industrial refrigeration has great application in the realm of the cold storage system, water chilling, process cooling, individual quick freezing. In fact, right from food industries, to calculating and storing major coolants and emergency pharmaceutical products, the industrial refrigeration units are the perfect way to keep these products safe and secure. Irrespective of whether you need piping repairs or cooling tower weighing in tons, you must choose a refrigeration provider who offers superior customer care service. If you look for a suitable refrigeration provider, the job will get easier and at the end, you will have higher quality products. It is also necessary to choose suitable refrigeration system.

Features to Look for in the Industrial Refrigeration

  • You may look for refrigeration which carries a fully integrated control mechanism that may be used with all kinds of chillers and compressors virtually. So, in a way, there will be more effective control, monitoring and diagnostic of key refrigeration installation
  • It must be easy to integrate and offer a seamless transfer of data to help management of operating data. This kind of refrigeration will secure production process for the efficient performance.
  • It needs to feature a compact control, diagnostic and monitoring feature. So, there is no need to consider multiple systems.

What Material to Choose for Industrial Refrigeration Components?

Whether it is industrial refrigeration piping or control, they need to undergo a very challenging operating condition.

  • This includes frequent freezing and thawing cycles, ice accumulation, speedy thermostatic expansion and it also needs to bear harsh climatic conditions.
  • No matter how to touch the circumstances are, the system of refrigeration must function in a flawless manner so that at the end the stable temperature is maintained. The unit must operate safely and efficiently.
  • Most of the refrigeration components and valves make use of materials like ductile iron, carbon steel or cast iron. As the materials are suitable for lower temperature applications, the components made up of such materials are durable in nature.
  • Besides such materials, stainless steel can also be used. It is indeed a popular option when it comes to manufacturing the components of industrial equipment. When compared to other materials, it is stainless steel which needs the least maintenance cost.

Should You Go for Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration System?

Most of the industrial refrigeration makes use of ammonia refrigerant. Ammonia is used as refrigerant since the mid of 19th century. For the large scale industrial and commercial applications, it remains a popular choice. Ammonia as refrigerant is extremely efficient owing to its unique properties. Its cooling capacity is also greater when compared to other refrigerants. Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration is a cost effective and easily available, apart from being safe on the environment.

In the recent years, there is an increased emphasis on process safety management. The cost of ownership is dependent on material choice for components of refrigeration. Stainless steel is the material which is safe and that which complies with the industrial standards.

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