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The Naked Truth

Just in time for summer and the beach, the movie ‘Dunkirk’!  Now Dunkirk is a beach town in France but this is not one of those Beach Blanket Bingo movies.  It’s a World War II movie.  But you’d never know it from watching the movie.  There’s no mention of who’s fighting who or why or who the world leaders in this great conflict were.  The Director Christopher Nolan said a modern audience didn’t need that.  Mr. Nolan wanted the movie to be a “communal story about universal heroism”.  In the movie there is a guy with PTSS.  There are some brave people.  There s a lot of bad ass explosions and bullets flying and blood, lots of blood, all to keep the audience enthralled and of course the message.  It’s an anti-war, war movie, so war is bad.  Life in war is bad and hard.  People die.

The Desnudas are back in Times Square!  For those of you who never heard of the Desnudas, they are scantly, clad women who prance around the mall in Times Square in broad daylight.  It’s the same place the ball comes down on New Year’s Eve.  Scantily clad?  Well aside from a pair of panties, all they are wearing are body paint and a smile.  But they have great smiles and the body paint is usually some patriotic configuration of red, white and blue.  They will gladly pose for a picture for you or with you.  Afterwards, they’d like a tip.  It seems that they were driven away for awhile.  Life has these little disappointments.  But they are back and back with a vengeance!  Seems they are going to sue The New York Post!  Why would they sue?  I mean The Post did a story on their return complete with pictures.  Why would they be upset at the extra publicity not to mention the additional exposure?  Well, it seems the Post reporters gave them nothing for the use of their pictures and they didn’t even tip.

BTW they’re not suing nyuge.com.  We tip.

Now everyone in New York has to be on the lookout for the most prodigious thief in the City.  The Police consider this thief to be Public enemy number one right now.  What is it that makes this thief so successful and dangerous?  Is it some incredible strength or weaponry that disables the victim?  Some modern configuration of electronics, that allows the skirting or disabling of all alarm and safety systems?  No, actually.  The Police say, the Modus Operandi here is a lot of sexy hair, an hour glass figure and a great set of uh, well you know.  This is a family channel here.  But Public Enemy number 1 here picks up young, single, rich guys, in those trendy clubs and lets them take her back to their apartment.  Then when they inevitably fall asleep, she helps herself to whatever they have.  But we’re kind of wondering if this really a violation of the penal code or more a case of.  “A fool and his money are soon parted”*?

But be on the lookout young, single, rich guys or as that guy on Hill Street Blues used to say.  “Be careful out there.”

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

*Thomas Tusser

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4 comments to The Naked Truth

  • Don,

    Desnudas? Well, that’s why I come here–to be informed of the goings-on back east! LOL And public enemy number one! Who would have thunk it!

    Thanks for the education. 🙂


  • Don Frankel


    That’s our job here bringing information to the rest of the world. Something the so called mainstream media used to do. You could call us old school. And, you and I are too old and you’re married, so we don’t have to worry about Public Enemy number one but for the youths or as we pronounce it “uthes” be careful out there. Condoms won’t help with this.


  • Mike F

    Dunkirk didn’t do it for me either. A battle retreat in search of a story. Bang!

  • Don Frankel

    Thanks Mike. Most of the time Hollywood movies are too simplistic with good guys vs bad guys. But you do need to know who the players are and why they’re fighting.

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