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“Bad Brain Bats!!!!”

Many thoughts Fly through your Head,
from Time you’re Born until you’re Dead.
Disease’s I would Like to Stall,
the Ones when there’s No Thoughts at All.

It’s scary Stuff to Not know You,
or Have Control of What you Do.
As I’m inching Up in Years,
this Is one of My Biggest Fears.

Something has To take it’s Place,
if There’s only Empty Space.
I see them Black with Wings and Things,
and Wicked Mouth’s that Never Sings.

I’ll attempt to Do my Part,
exercise to Help my Heart.
cut Big Mac’s to Twice a Week,
Sleep eight hours I will Seek.

It’s my Brain that’s Bothersome,
and Not for Certain what’s to Come.
Hope That I can Buck the Stats,
and Rhyming Thwarts the “Bad Brain Bats!!!!”

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Bob Grant
I am semi-retired and host a number of Wordpress content management system websites. I live in Kansas City, Missouri and my work history was primarily spent within the business community.

5 comments to “Bad Brain Bats!!!!”

  • Don Frankel

    This is a definite fear for all of us as we’re getting on in our years. Unfortunately we all know people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The good new is that as long as you can think about it, it hasn’t happened yet.

  • Bob Grant

    So far – so good. Thanks Don!

  • mistermuse

    Bob, my mother contracted Alzheimer’s/Dementia in her early 80s, but with loving care in our home, lived another ten years and had a good quality of life until near the end. So I “know the feeling” and appreciate what you’ve well expressed in your poem.

  • Bob Grant

    Thank you. This is something that truly concerns me as I get older.

  • Bob,

    Writing verse might help hold off dementia? Hmmmm. I like that suggestion! Clever, but seriously true. My mother, like muse relates, suffered with dementia, so I personally relate.


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