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She’s Back

She’s back. And learning once again how to make her way through the Dashboard. I’d forgotten that part of Speak Without Interruption. <p>

<br>As I told another Grant Journal contributor, I’m a very talented person, especially with computer software and programs. If there is something that can go wrong, I can find it without even trying.<p>

<br>Nonetheless, I did appreciate the previous opportunity to be heard (read), mostly a chance to grouse about something that had me upset, like people who stall traffic for blocks behind them while they wait for their chance to make a left turn.<p>

<br>Or, people who do not know how to carry on a civil conversation, and interrupt after you have gotten the first ten words out of your mouth. There used to be a knob on a certain brand of automobile built in the 1930s that said FREE WHEELING. As a child I was quite puzzled.<p>

<br> I think there was legislation passed that made FREE WHEELING illegal, but what it basically did was put the vehicle in neutral, allowing it to freely coast. Some people I know still have a FREE WHEELING knob somewhere in their heads, and their brains go into neutral while their tongues start rolling along.<p>

The name has changed to The Grant Journal, but it’s still a great opportunity to be heard without interruption. Thanks, Bob.<p>






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I have been connected with journalism, one way or another, most of my adult life, beginning with a newspaper no longer in existence, the Upland (CA) News. Deliriously happy to be a Kansan.

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