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Create Your Own Labor Day Party

What do you do to celebrate Labor Day f you live in small-town, make that tiny-town, America, dozens of miles away from movie houses, fast food restaurants, gamer shops, bowling alleys, race tracks, or any other form of commercial entertainment?

The folks in Severy, Kansas, gather in a back yard next to one of the churches to have a Singspiration. Everyone is invited to participate.


Of any age.

Singers, guitar players, choirs.

The youngest this Labor Day couldn’t have been more than ten. The oldest? Well, he had a fringe of white hair, and his voice was not powerful, but his pitch was true.

For the last performance, a tall, broad-shouldered man invited all of the boys to jump up onto the the stage, the bed of a long farm trailer, and follow him in a vigorous arm-waving rendition of a shark adventure.

Applause for all.

And then on to the food — tubs of home-made ice cream. Bring your own spoon.

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