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Can Drones Fly Under Porch Roofs?

I’m having a hard time trying to envision how a drone can deliver a package at my doorstep.

My front door is set back from under a porch roof a good eight feet. Can a drone fly under a porch roof to safely deliver a package at a doorstep? If the drone cannot get in under the roof, will it drop the package where the porch floor ends and the sidewalk begins? Say it’s a pizza being delivered. If the drone cannot drop it on my welcome mat, will the pizza box be left at the edge of the sidewalk. Will I know it is there in time to fetch it inside before the possums discover its presence?

Will the drone knock on my door or ring the buzzer to notify me of the delivery? I like the current system. The delivery person will normally set the package somewhere near the front door, ring the bell or knock, and then run like heck so they won’t have to get engaged in a time-consuming conversation with the recipient.  I once watched an unsuspecting delivery guy inform me of the arrival of a package by throwing it at the door from twelve feet away. Can drones do anything besides drop the package, do they have the capacity to sling something horizontally, like the pitcher in a girls’ softball game?

When I dwelt temporarily in a Chicago neighborhood, I was often the only one at home in a row of connected town houses, where thefts from porches were a daily occurrence. I was the darling of the delivery crews because I was willing to accept packages on behalf of all my neighbors.

One day I was waiting in line at a nearby postoffice when a guy farther back in the line kept waving and trying to make eye-contact.  He wore no uniform, but I finally realized he was one of the regular delivery men. I hadn’t recognized him out of context, but he sure recognized me with his friendly greeting.

I’ll miss those human contacts when all these friendly people are replaced by drones, but it probably won’t happen very soon. They’ve still got to figure out how to get under overhanging roofs.





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3 comments to Can Drones Fly Under Porch Roofs?

  • I have several solutions for your problem:

    1. Place a children’s slide on your front porch with the high end extending beyond the roof line and the low end ending near your door (you may have to paint a bullseye on the high end so the drone knows where to drop the package).

    2. Affix a POWERFUL magnet to the floor of your porch so the drone goes there whether it wants to or not. Of course, the drone can’t continue on its way until you release it (which may take hours), but that’s the drone’s problem, not yours.

    3. Have the drone make its delivery down your chimney, a la Santa Claus. If the drone, unlike Santa, is too fat to fit, it should go on a diet. If you don’t have a chimney, YOU should go on a diet (don’t ask me why; it just sounded funny).

    I could drone on and on, but I would have to charge you, so just be grateful for the freebies.

  • Peg Nichols

    We took a family vote and the children won — we’re going to use the slide suggestion. When we’re not expecting a drone delivered package, the children can enjoy the slide. If we keep the front door open and have the entryway floor highly polished the children can slide right on into the kitchen — where the food is. Thanks, Mistermuse, the children think you are a genius.

    Now, about that magnet on the floor. I have a highly annoying teenager in the neighborhood who loves to go around ringing doorbells . . . .

  • markscheel1

    Yes, that’s a real consideration, the roof complication. But muse, it seems, came to the rescue. Now, what about guys like me with no slide? And a cap on the chimney? Guess a magnet is the only option left. Ha.


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