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What do drivers use for brains?

Ever wonder what drivers use for brains?

My particular peeve are drivers who tie up a whole lane of traffic while they wait for an opportunity to make a left turn. Do they ever look in their rear view mirrors ahead of time? Of course not. Do they ever have an alternate plan? Why do they need an alternate plan, they know where they intend to go.

Left turners are very stubborn people. Not too long ago I was in the right hand lane, coming up to a traffic light. A driver leaving a gasoline station appeared to want to get into the right hand lane. Trying to be courteous, I stopped, and motioned the driver to pull out ahead of me. The driver hesitated, inched forward, kept waiting. Didn’t really want to get into the lane ahead of me, but wanted a break in the other lane so they could make a left-turn across two lanes!

When things like this happen, a little Gilbert and Sullivan tune comes to mind and I start humming . . . let the punishment fit the crime . . . what should be done with left-turners who give no heed to the inconvenience they are causing others?

I’ve got one idea, thanks to Tim Bryce . . . . give them all hair blowers and sentence them to standing beside the road for several hours, aiming the hair blowers at oncoming traffic.

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