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The Passion of the Damned

What is going on here?  Yeah this guy in Vegas just got himself into the Guinness Book for psychopathic serial killers but aside from the casualty count, something really weird is going on here?

Usually the media runs to where the guy lives and interviews the neighbors and they always tell the same story because the psychopathic serial killer is of course a psychopath, which means among other things, he doesn’t interact with other humans too often.  So the neighbors having had minimum interaction with the psychopathic serial killer usually say.  “He was a nice guy, a quiet guy, he kept to himself.”  If they go to where the psychopathic serial killer worked if he had a job, they get the same answer “Nice guy, quiet guy, he kept to himself.” If the psychopathic serial killer ever lives with anyone, it’s Mom.  But this guy, this Stephan Paddock, he had a girlfriend!  And The Barista at the local Starbucks remembers them coming in as a couple and The Barista said Stephan Paddock would sneer at his girlfriend and say things like.  “I paid for the coffee just like I paid for you.”  Not nice, not nice at all and we just have to wonder whatever happened to the nice guy, quiet guy, he kept to himself psychopathic serial killer?  Are they sure they got the right guy here?

And Harvey Weinstein big time movie mogul has been caught with his pants down, literally.  Seems like a whole lot of women who have worked with Harvey, have come forward to claim that he liked to walk around semi nude in front of them.  Then Harvey would try to get them to massage him.  Seems he has had to make payouts in the amounts of $80,000 and even sometimes $100,000 to at least 8 different women.  We don’t know how to break this to Harvey but he could have walked around nude all he wanted, gotten massages and even gotten the happy ending too, for a helluva lot less.  Or he could have walked around nude and got the happy ending, like 5 thousand times, for the same amount of money.   All, Harvey had to do was know the right people.  Then again all he had to do was Google ‘massage pallor’.

And, this Harvey is big time success out there in La La Land.  Maybe it’s time we give up this Journalism thing and head out to Hollywood.

And the Juice is loose.  That’s O.J. Simpson for those of you who forgot or never knew or just didn’t’ care.  They let him out after 9 years in prison.  And he’s headed to the world famous bordello The Bunny Ranch just outside of Las Vegas or so says its world famous owner, Dennis Hoff.  There is some delay, as O.J.’s lawyers make sure that his visit does not violate his parole.  But since prostitution is legal in that county, owner Dennis Hoff says this will happen and the girls there are all excited.  It seems the Juice after being in prison for 9 years is in search of companionship and The Bunny Ranch offers that, among a whole lot of other things.  And, okay, okay we know there’s not a lot of sympathy for O.J. but hey cut the man some slack.  He needs companionship, among a whole lot of other things.  He’s not only been in jail for a long time, he’s also been a widow for the last 23 years.

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6 comments to The Passion of the Damned

  • Richard Cahill

    Didn’t know OJ’s first stop after the big house was a whorehouse, Sir Don. No one is more in the loop than you.

  • Don Frankel

    Richard the IVth, we prefer the term brothel or bordello but that’s okay. Where else would he go? Where would you go if you just got out of prison after 9 years. I mean “you” in the general sense as in any man and not you specifically Richard the IVth, as you have a Significant Other. Poor O.J. on the other hand, doesn’t.

  • Don, I think your take on the Las Vegas psycho is on the money. I can’t recall a single interview of mass or serial killers’ neighbors where they didn’t say “He seemed like a nice guy” or some variation thereof. Too bad these guys don’t have mind reader-neighbors so they could be put on watch lists (not that they should have their privacy violated or something).

  • It is in part that the psychopath does not interact with other people. But it’s also that the media looks to push the story line that there could be a psychopath on your block too. If they ever interview someone who says hey I always thought that guy was wacko I don’t think they’d air it.

  • Don,

    I agree with Sir Richard, you’re really in the loop, man. O.J.’s first stop is a brothel! Now, you did get that from a reliable source? It’s not fake news, heaven forbid! LOL
    Thanks for the vital update.


  • Mark,

    One of our sources says O.J.’s already been there. But then we couldn’t confirm that so we didn’t report it unlike other Fake news outlets out there.

    We just go where the rest of the media fears to tread. Audentis Fortuna iuvat.


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