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The JFK Assassination, the Final Chapter

President The Donald Himself has ordered release of the files that the Government has on the Assassination of JFK.  Files, that have been kept secret all these years .  Of course we got a peek inside first and here are some fascinating things from those secret JFK Assassination files.

Lee Harvey Oswald was the illegitimate son of Joseph P. Kennedy, father of JFK.  Jack Ruby was also an illegitimate son of Joseph P. Kennedy as were a few others, one of whom later became President.

The Russians hacked the 1960 Presidential election but they had nothing to do with the Assassination.

LBJ was having an affair with one of his Interns.

There was no one with a gun on the grassy knoll, just two teenage kids.  When surrounded by Secret Service Agents with weapons drawn the girl cried but the boy, wanted to know what all the shooting and the screaming was about, as they were just making out.

Lee Harvey Oswald tried on many occasions to contact Joseph P. Kennedy but ole Joe P. wouldn’t take his calls.

The Mafia had nothing to do with the Assassination but they liked it, when people thought they did.

Richard M. Nixon was having an affair with one of his Interns.

Abraham Zapruda who filmed the assassination, was a KGB agent but he had nothing to do with the Assassination.  He was just there getting intel.

Rafael Cruz the father of Ted Cruz current U.S. Senator from Texas was not involved in the Assassination.  But Ted Cruz U.S. Senator from Texas is, the illegitimate son of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Gerald R. Ford had nothing to do with the Assassination, even though he was on the Warren Commission and later became President.

There were two shooters firing at the motorcade but one was shooting at Governor Connally of Texas.  The Governor had an affair with one of his Interns and her boyfriend was shooting at him, not the President.  The boyfriend hit his target.  This of course became part of the cover up.

Also in the files, the original birth certificate of Barak Obama and yes he was born, in Honolulu Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

Gerald R. Ford had an affair with one of his Interns.

The FBI, the CIA, the NSA and The Warren Commission had nothing to do with the Assassination of JFK but they covered it up anyway.  It’s what they do.  And, that’s why these files have been kept secret for 54 years.

Dicens simile factum est

Pro Bono Publico

C Savino contributed to this article.

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6 comments to The JFK Assassination, the Final Chapter

  • arekhill1

    Makes me think I ought to have an intern.

  • Richard the IVth, you don’t? My status is single so I don’t need one.

  • Congrats on this “we got a peek inside” scoop, Don.

    When you say “we,” does “we” mean you and “C.Savino [who] contributed to this article” — a name that sounds like a member of “The Mafia who had nothing to do with the assassination?” Of course, I don’t believe in guilt by association, but for you to be associating with an obvious Mafioso doesn’t look good, so I suggest you claim that C.Savino is your pet cat, canary, crocodile or whatever innocent-else the “C” might stand for.

    Like the true friend I am, you can count on me to confirm whatever cockamamie claim you come up with , Don

  • Muse,

    C Savino is our Financial and Real Estate expert but we all go wherever the leads take us so he was instrumental in the formation of this article. No one here is in anyway associated with the Mafia. We are all hard working Journalists in search of truth, justice and the American way. But some people we know, may know some people.

    Also we make no claims that the things in the JFK Assassination files are true, just that they’re in there.


  • Don,

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Well, that puts a good many things to rest. I’ll share this with all my conspiracy-minded friends. Well done! 🙂


  • Mark,

    Thank you and please share this. We think we put a lot of theories to rest but then maybe it will just spawn new ones. That seems to have been the trend. But it does make me stop and realize that maybe the Mass Hysteria has always been the same. Maybe because it’s on 24/7 and there are so many more outlets that it has just become more obvious.


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