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The Long Road to Getting Your Novel Published

As some of you already know, in addition to being a beacon of wisdom in this troubled world, I write mystery novels on the side, the second of which, “Pineapple Crush,” was commercially published last month. I wrote the thing and started attempting to get it published more than a decade ago. Its rather circuitous route to being available on Amazon took a detour through SWI, where one of the contributors had his wife solicit the book for their alleged publishing company. They gave themselves two years to put it in print, and I never heard from them again.

After the two years had elapsed, I forgot about the book for another couple years, making my own contribution to this perfectly good novel’s delayed publication. When I remembered it, I updated it and obtained a publisher through a website called authors.me. The first house I sent it to took it immediately.

Thanks to an expatriate of SWI, mistermuse, and a current contributor here, Mark Scheel, I obtained two heartfelt blurbs for the cover. Those of you who remember me from my time with SWI, fondly or otherwise, and want to provide me with reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, are encouraged enthusiastically to do so.

Sorry I don’t contribute to TGJ. I was spending too much time arguing with some of the other contributors when I was on SWI, and made the decision to free up more of my days by just letting them continue to be wrong. I still follow some of you, as you know, and I wish almost everybody here well, especially Bob Grant, who is a far nicer and more generous person than I could ever dream of being, even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. Let’s be clear on that.

Hope you are all having similar achievements, large or small, in this otherwise Trumpish hellhole of a year.

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7 comments to The Long Road to Getting Your Novel Published

  • Bob Grant

    Welcome back as a Contributor!

  • Richard the IVth,

    Good luck with the novel. I like the image for you as well. Reminds me of Sinatra when he played Tony Rome in a couple of Private Eye movies.

    I’ve also given up arguing with people. So people think differently, BFD.


  • markscheel1


    I’m glad to see it’s out there now. Best of luck with it. Only ten years? Why, that’s a mere wink of the eye. I’ve been trying to get my first novel, The Potter’s Wheel, published commercially now for nearly forty years. 🙁 Anyway, time be damned. You ended up with a fine mystery novel to your credit and I’m proud to have my name in some small way associated with it. Truly enjoyed the read.


  • Ricardo

    Thanks for the good wishes, Sir Don and Senor Scheel. Just to be clear, I haven’t given up arguing with people–just had to back-burner it. Forty years is a while. Is the book set in a past era, or do you have to constantly update it, to reflect the invention of now-necessary gadgets that nobody had back then?

  • markscheel1


    Ah ha! Good question. I’m lucky there. It’s set on the street scene of Hollywood in late sixties. When it was written initially, it was a “contemporary” novel. Now it’s simply become an “historical” novel! Nothing to change. 🙂


  • Pardon my late comment, Ricardo, as I wasn’t expecting you to post here and didn’t notice that you had (until today). In any case, I’d just like to double down on my “heartfelt blurb” on the cover of your novel and let anyone who reads this know that it’s a real page-turner and a more-than-worthy contribution to its genre.

    As for arguing with people, I avoid doing so because I can’t stand it when others can’t see how right I am and how mistaken they are. What’s wrong with those people anyway? 🙁

  • Ricardo

    When I quit my day job, I’ll resume arguing, Sr. Muse, if I have the strength. Thanks for the help on Crush.

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