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One of the biggest if not the biggest story of 2017 was the #metoo story where very famous people like Harvey, Big Harvey Weinstein and who disguised as a mild mannered reporter Matt Lauer, were outed as serial sexual abusers.  And as 2018 unfolds the story continues, as just this last Monday Aziz Ansari was accused by an unidentified woman, as having sexually harassed her after a dinner date.  We just have to ask who?  Not the woman, who is Aziz Ansari?  We applaud all the women coming forward as courageous and support them but it might be that we’re running out of famous guys with this.  There are a finite number of perverts in this world and naturally only so many of them who are famous.  So we might have run out of them, although we’re holding out hope for more.  But if it becomes a #guesswho movement, much to our chagrin, we might not be able to cover it anymore.  So think big people, famous household names, please!

And in lieu the recent fake ballistic missile alarm in Hawaii the news show, ‘Inside Edition’ went over the steps to take in case of a nuclear attack.  These steps were very familiar to anyone from the Baby Boomer generation because we would have these a nuclear bomb is coming drills in school all the time.  First you get under your desk.  Then you kneel over and place your head between your knees.  As kids we realized early on that from this position, if it was a real attack and not a drill, well we, and now you, can just kiss your ass goodbye.

And the Federal government has started to shut down.  What does this mean?  Well the Post Office is open and Social Security checks will flow unabated.  But the Statue of Liberty will be closed.  And that’s not to worry really, as the only people who go there are tourists and most of them are from France.  If you take the boat out there it’s kind of nice and even romantic, as most everyone around you is speaking French.  Then the WWII Memorial will also be closed.  So, if you’re in Washington D.C. and you want to learn about WWII, you’re bleep out of luck.  You’ll have to read a history book.  Now non-essential Federal personnel will be the first to feel the pinch in the coming days.  Now what is a, non-essential personnel?  That’s a good question.  Non-essential according to the Dictionary means unnecessary.  And how do you think those non-essential personnel feel about that?  Imagine how you, would feel if you were labeled non-essential or unnecessary?  Oh the horror!  And, we hate to but we just have to ask if these people on the Federal payroll are unnecessary, what are they doing there?  Besides, getting paid that is.  Maybe it all doesn’t hurt so, bad on payday.  Now will the Congress get paid?  Unfortunately yes!  But here’s some free advice to the members of Congress.  It might be a good idea if you open things up and soon.  Because the American people might begin to wonder why you can’t even do the little, you got elected to do.  Then they might begin to wonder how much of this $4.147 trillion dollar a year Federal Government is also non-essential or even necessary.

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4 comments to Real News

  • markscheel1


    Yep, you got to the essential question at the conclusion–how much really of this Federal government is non-essential? Ha. Good one! And I love the humor leading up to that.


  • Mark,

    Thank you Mark and that is the question. How much of it should be or not be? I’m in a good mood today so let me be generous and say half.


  • Good one,Don, but I’m shocked — shocked to hear that Congress gets paid when the government shuts down. Still, they probably can’t get anything less accomplished than they usually do, so at least they’re not taking money under false pretenses.

  • Muse, somebody who’s name I didn’t get said. “The government will arrest you for stealing because they don’t like competition.” But amazingly a few hours after I posted this article they “opened” up the government again. I’m not saying this article had anything to do with it but it’s a strange coincidence.

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