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It’s Cryin’ Time, Again

Chuck Schumer reeling from the defeat of his government shut down told his constituents that the reason he was going to vote to fund President the Donald Himself’s wall on our Southern border was, it couldn’t be built.  Obviously he didn’t see the recent movie ‘The Great Wall’ with Matt Damon because while the movie is a fictitious Sci-fi epic with Lizard type monsters, the actual Wall in the movie, is real.  It’s called The Great Wall of China and here it is.

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The first part of The Great Wall of China was built between 220 to 206 B.C. but the one that remains to this day, was built by the Ming Dynasty circa 1368 to 1644.  And, we understand how with demonstrators storming his office during the day and screaming outside the windows of his home at night, Cryin’ Chuck might need to come up with some kind of rationale of why he did what he did.  But he might want to find some other excuse, because as you can see, it wasn’t just the movie there are a lot of pictures of The Great Wall of China, a whole lot of pictures.  Not to mention that it is actually there and people can go see it.  And, if the Chinese could build that, eight to five centuries ago, President the Donald Himself might be able to find somebody who could do something similar today.  Maybe the Chinese?  We’re just trying to help our Senior Senator Charles Cryin Chuck, Schumer, who seems to be having a senior moment with this.

And Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm is crying.  Seems one Harendra Singh a New York businessman plead guilty to bribing the Mayor.  The Mayor in turn was outraged saying.  “The guy, to save his own skin, struck a plea deal with the federal prosecutors.”  While that’s the usual reason people cop a plea, Mayor Wilhelm, Wilhelm went on to explain that there has been a thorough investigation and the Mayor himself wasn’t even indicted!  And, we see his point.  How can one guy be guilty of bribing another guy, who is completely innocent?  And, the Mayor is right.  This does make him look bad.

And a whole lot of people will be crying as the NY Times reports that many twitter followers are Fakes!  There is a company out there Devumi that sells fake twitter followers to celebrities and other people so they can list a few million followers that they really don’t have.  This in turn makes them seem more popular than they really are.  Celebrities like the actor John Leguizamo, the football player Ray Lewis, Michael Dell of Dell computer and even a board member of Twitter, Martha Lane Fox are all customers of Devumi, the twitter service of Fakes.  And, Devumi made up fake profiles for the Fakes.  They had to because real followers might unfollow.  Who would pay for that?  But if you hit the follow button on the Fakes, they probably follow back.  Why wouldn’t’ they?  Everybody else does.  So we are dismayed around here as we have 9,955 followers of our own on twitter.  But how many of them are real?  Like we said, it’s crying time again.  Pass the hanky please.

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2 comments to It’s Cryin’ Time, Again

  • Don, I don’t even know how many followers I have on my blog, but it must be in the millions. I’m not taking the trouble to check it out, because I might be embarrassed to find it’s actually in the billions, if not the trillions….and modest fellow that I am, I wouldn’t want to show up our great Expander-in-Chief.

  • Muse, we were ready to pop the cork on some champagne when we reached our 10,000 twitter follower but now we realize well maybe it’s only 10. If you remember Mike Crumling he used to refer to these social media platforms as fakebook and twaddle but did we listen? Oh well life is hard, then you die but first you find out that things you believed in were fake. It’s a sad sad world we live in but we will bugger on.

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