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Nixon’s the One

Not a whole lot of people know that Cynthia Nixon of the TV show ‘Sex in the City’ is running for Governor of New York in the democrat primary.  Of course regular readers of this column know as they are up on everything but the rest of the world is sort of in the dark on this.  So let us step up and be the first to give her an official endorsement, as you can see in the headline here.  Now we’d like to tell you that we’re endorsing her because she’s a fresh face, a dynamic personality and she will bring a new energy to politics.  Instead of the same old corrupt Albany politics, that Cuomo the Younger represents.  And, while all of that is true, the real reason we’re endorsing her, is we just wanted to run that headline before anyone else thought of it.

Now most of you out there might not remember, as a whole lot of you weren’t even born yet but the headline here was the election slogan for one Richard Milhous Nixon in 1968.  And, the good news as an omen for Cynthia Nixon is, it worked.  Richard Nixon won in 1968 and he was reelected in 1972, in a landslide too.  His troubles came after all that.  So, good luck Cynthia.

Now the name Wally Pipp won’t mean much to most of you out there as he played for the New York Yankees from 1915 through 1925.  We only bring his name up because he was the starting Yankee first baseman in 1925 when he got a headache one day and begged out of the lineup.  The Yankee Manager Miller Huggins put a young rookie out there in his place.  The Rookie then played first base for the next 2,130 games.  His name was Lou Gehrig.  If Wallly Pipp had wanted to play first base again for the New York Yankees, he had long, long wait.  We only bring this up today because right before spring training the Yankees traded for Brandon Dury a third baseman and an all around good ballplayer.  And Brandon was anointed as the new Yankee third baseman.  But a few weeks back Brandon fell victim to migraine headaches and had to be taken out of the lineup.  The Yankees called up Young Miguel Andujar.  Young Miguel has responded in his first 19 games by hitting .312 with 12 doubles, 1 triple 3 home runs and 12 RBIs.  At one point he had an extra base hit in seven straight games and the last Yankee rookies to do that were named DiMaggio and Mantle.  Now we’re not saying Young Miguel is the next Joe D or the next Mickey Mantle, or that he will play the next 2,000 games at third base, just that maybe somebody should tell Brandon Dury, about a guy named Wally Pipp.

Dicens simile factum est

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4 comments to Nixon’s the One

  • Don, I’ve never watched “Sex in the City” and wouldn’t recognize Cynthia Nixon if she had sex with The Donald (unless she made a big deal of it), but I’m wary of applauding your endorsement of her, because as I recall, you endorsed Hillary and that didn’t turn out too well. She might have a better chance if you withdraw your endorsement!

  • Muse you have a good memory and I also said we’d never endorse anyone again. But how could we not use that headline? And, never is such a long long time.

  • markscheel1


    You are correct, the name Pipp didn’t mean a thing to me. But the slogan “Nixon’s the one” certainly does. I voted for him. Second term ended very badly. And in reassessing some of the junk passed during his administration, he lost me totally in every way. However, revisionist history tells us if he’d stayed in office, we’d likely have won the Vietnam War. Or the south wouldn’t have fallen for several more years. But–who knows.


  • Mark,
    Good points Mark. Do you know who created the EPA? Yeah you do. I was not a Nixon fan at the time but I couldn’t vote yet. But what jumps out at me from history is we had a war in Korea another in Vietnam and few tete a tetes over Berlin and Cuba. Then Nixon goes to China and Russia and no one has fired a shot at each other since. Sort of makes me go hmmmm.

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