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In So Many Little Ways

While rape is the ultimate demonstration of disrespect, men besmirch women in so many little ways.

I had gone to the county courthouse to attend a public information meeting about a controversial issue. The attendance was far more than had been expected, and it was clear that the intended meeting room was quite inadequate. While […]

Reading Galdos

It troubles me that I once knew a little Spanish. Even read a little Benito Perez Galdos, a very prolific writer whom some rate as No. 2 behind Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra. I say read a little Galdos because he wrote quite a lot, a whole lot more than I could ever accomplish.

My favorite […]

What do drivers use for brains?

Ever wonder what drivers use for brains?

My particular peeve are drivers who tie up a whole lane of traffic while they wait for an opportunity to make a left turn. Do they ever look in their rear view mirrors ahead of time? Of course not. Do they ever have an alternate plan? Why do […]

Can Drones Fly Under Porch Roofs?

I’m having a hard time trying to envision how a drone can deliver a package at my doorstep.

My front door is set back from under a porch roof a good eight feet. Can a drone fly under a porch roof to safely deliver a package at a doorstep? If the drone cannot get in […]

Create Your Own Labor Day Party

What do you do to celebrate Labor Day f you live in small-town, make that tiny-town, America, dozens of miles away from movie houses, fast food restaurants, gamer shops, bowling alleys, race tracks, or any other form of commercial entertainment?

The folks in Severy, Kansas, gather in a back yard next to one of the […]

She’s Back

She’s back. And learning once again how to make her way through the Dashboard. I’d forgotten that part of Speak Without Interruption. <p>

<br>As I told another Grant Journal contributor, I’m a very talented person, especially with computer software and programs. If there is something that can go wrong, I can find it without even […]