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Subway Story – Determined Taurus

I am a Taurus. Bull headed and quite determined. When I want something I work at getting it. My determination knows no bounds. The book I want to see published will come out soon. I will have a lobster tail for dinner even if I have to go and catch the damn lobster myself. And […]

An Outing for Evan

Normally I avoid eateries that cater to families with little children. My experience,as a tough parent, has been holding my tongue while the little ones run wild and the parents do nothing but use their inside voices to ask, not demand, that the kids sit down. But it was mid-afternoon on a sunny Saturday and […]

Missing Black Women, Missing Black Girls

It was a Sunday at least 16 years ago when I first learned that a plethora of black women were missing and often found dead in Harlem. At that time my husband and I, along with our daughters and some of our less fiscally sound neighbors, were giving out food from our house. We had […]

Patience, Patient, The Doctor WILL Call You

You try to trust doctors with your life, not just your health. They are the ones who studied hard so they could be able to get the big bucks to tell you when things were up, down, right, wrong and very wrong. You sit before them, naked as the day you were born, physically and […]

Talking With Taxi Drivers

You come to New York City, you walk the streets and you see a sea of yellow taxi cabs.The first time I looked out a window on the 20 something floor of a building and looked down on that yellow ocean dotted with other cars I thought how could you tell them apart? Yellow cars, […]

Inherited Vices

Yesterday, New York City ran between hot and cold for me. It’s February, but the weather was trying to act more like March going into a warm April. Instead of my NYC winter uniform of a black coat made out of nothing natural, a fur or fake fur hate and gloves so warm your hands […]

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

“Turn right here!”

That’s what my husband said from the backseat to his sister as she was driving us to our hotel a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta. He had chosen to sit in the back and let us ladies ‘chat’ (Sounds exist but it is his way of saying he had to look […]

I Will Vote!

I try not to focus on the mess this election has become. Each day the soap opera that this political event has become rears its tacky face. I can’t say ugly. It has been so overused lately. I can’t say stupid fro that goes without saying. All I can say is it is almost over […]