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Missing Black Women, Missing Black Girls

It was a Sunday at least 16 years ago when I first learned that a plethora of black women were missing and often found dead in Harlem. At that time my husband and I, along with our daughters and some of our less fiscally sound neighbors, were giving out food from our house. We had […]

Johnny B Goode

Johnny B Goode

Everywhere I went today, people were talking about Chuck Berry. In the church parking lot, at the little Mexican restaurant my mom and I go to breakfast, at my songwriters’ meeting, at the gym and later in the evening at dinner. Everybody had a story, something they had heard about […]

A Black Mother, Her Babies and America

As most of my readers know by now, my favorite haunt for a frugal breakfast and stimulating conversation is the local Wendy’s restaurant. Walk in most days and you’ll be greeted at the counter by a captivating black female with meticulously braided hair piled high above her Wendy’s visor, a velvety-soft and flawless complexion and […]