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– A culinary delight for our men and women in uniform.

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During my lifetime, I have read a considerable number of books pertaining to history, including the military, but I recently […]

2018: Transitions, Cessations, and Resumptions

The big 75th-year signpost is dead ahead in January, and this old frame and motor has really begun to reveal its wear and tear. The latest, following on the heels of a prostate cancer diagnosis (the “watchful waiting” variety), was the sudden appearance of atrial flutter, a rapid and irregular pulse. One can adjust and […]

Kitsch, Decadence and the Why of Donald Trump

The artistic concept of “decadence,” as either a movement or a condition, can be traced back at least to the eighteenth century and appears and reappears (think Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde, 1920s Berlin, etc.) moving forward up to the present time. And it would seem, in the broadest sense of that word, that once again we’re […]

To Bloom Where You’re Planted—or Not?

My old friend the acclaimed ecstatic poet Paul Goldman and I often debate differing points of view on where today the world is headed. While he believes we’re transitioning into a golden, harmonious state for humanity, I, on the other hand, am of the persuasion that, although humankind may get to “collective heaven” eventually, there […]

In the Eye (or Mind) of the Beholder

Construal: “…[A] social psychological term that refers to the way in which (or the process of) people perceive, comprehend, and interpret the world around them.”

—AlleyDog.com Psychology Glossary


As a psychology student at the University of Kansas many years ago, I remember becoming particularly intrigued with that branch of the science known as social […]

Even Cowboys Battle Zombies

A Review of Dead Men Don’t Ride by L. Glen Enloe (Outlaws Publishing LLC 2017)


Following many years of writing and publishing literary free verse, and garnering a number of awards for that work, L. Glen Enloe became increasingly drawn to the history, lore and legend of the American Wild West and began honing […]

Back in the Saddle and Ridin’ Tall

A Review of The Secret Life of Horses by Glen Enloe (America Star Books 2015)


With this latest collection of cowboy poems, The Secret Life of Horses, Enloe demonstrates that his love of western lore and talent for translating it into verse hasn’t waned one bit. In fact, the lead-off poem, from which […]

Farewell SWI, Greetings to The Grant Journal

When I began blogging over four years ago on Speak Without Interruption, I had no idea where that endeavor would lead. I was simply hoping to attract some potential readers for my novels once I’d secured an agent to represent them and hopefully then a major publisher. However, one thing led to another, and one […]