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Of Bombs and Inches

Since we go everywhere, this comes from deep inside the White House, from the Oval Office actually, where we got a hold of a secret recording and made this transcript for you.

Unidentified White House Aide “Mr. President it’s Kim Jung-un again.”

President the Donald Himself “Christ what’s the matter with that guy? Do I […]

Fake News, Now and Then

We got to thinking that maybe Fake News is nothing new, so we took a look back.

Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders actually charged up Kettle’s Hill but since the War took place in Cuba and Kettle’s Hill sounds like some place in New Jersey, charging up San Juan Hill sounded a lot better. […]

“The Song Has Ended but the Melody Lingers On”*

It seems Jon Ossof lost to Karen Handel in a special election for an open seat for the House of Representatives in Georgia. This must have been important as both major parties poured tens of millions of dollars into this race and the Talking Heads of the Mass Hysteria were breathless in the weeks and […]

Getting the Best of Yale University Facebook group Climate Connections Members in Discussions of Climate Facts


The following is an exchange I had with members of the Facebook group Yale University’s Climate Connections.

Needless to say no one there could answer my questions or adequately dispute what I stated regarding climate change being a lie and only a political tool to fit a New World Order agenda.

Proving once […]

The Melting of the ice in the Artic: What Does it Really Mean?

The melting of the Arctic ice has been in the news in recent weeks but few understand what it really means. Questions need to be asked and answered whether it is something created by global warming as enthusiasts try to get individuals to support their agenda or whether the facts support the prognosis. Our planet […]

Are environmentalists helping or hurting our economy?

I am all for protecting the environment but today individuals who consider themselves environmentalists seems to have increased their power over decisions which need to be made for the betterment of our economy. We have a department in the federal government that is devoted to protecting the environment. It is called the Environmental Protection Agency […]

United States Energy Reserves

We constantly hear about the need for energy independence for our country yet we are fully utilizing the resources available to make this happen. I agree that we must be cognizant of any environmental impact that may occur when we tap the various types of reserves we have available. The two major sources of energy […]

What If Everything We Thought We Knew Was Wrong?

Is our world really headed for an apocalypse and major scientific revisions?

Another Earth Day has come and gone. The occasion was enthusiastically celebrated globally by many, ignored by many others. However, during the past week leading up to the event, the Glenn Beck radio program carried an historical series on the major persons and […]

Should Universities charge Students a fee for climate change?

College tuition in many cases is a big expense to begin with but now universities are adding a fee for climate change. Over 218 universities and colleges signed a pledge on

November 19, 2015 at the White House to promote clean energy and climate action ahead of the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris on […]