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Vote Day!

Because we think this is so important, no soooo important, we try to remember to address this meme every year. Of course last year we forgot but that is no reason for you to forget.

In just in just a little over three weeks on November 6th, the first Tuesday after the first Monday of […]

Quiz Time

Every once in a while we want to see if people are paying attention out there. So here’s a little quiz.

Question number 1, Brett Kavanaugh is someone who

A) Used to play third base for the Kansas City Royals. B) Was Elizabeth Taylor’s, last husband. C) Brings, you the news on ABC’s World News […]


Rumors swirl around the Swamp also known as Washington D.C., that Deputy Attorney General of the United States Rod Jay Rosenstein will resign. Some reports indicate that he’s already resigned verbally and it’s just a matter of when he hands in his actual resignation letter. This is all happening because in the past few months […]

The Tombs

Situated in lower Manhattan just alongside all the famous court houses you see in the TV shows and movies is, The Tombs. The Tombs, is the prison that holds all the real criminals before they go to trial in all those various court houses. The Tombs are so named because of the Egyptian style of […]

A Few Words for the Not So Wise

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is threatening to go to war with America and he says “It will be the mother of all wars.” And, we can’t help but thinking, didn’t we hear that before somewhere? So we went to our files and sure enough, we found it. It was almost word for word too and […]


The Summit

Anyone worried about the ramifications of the recently concluded Summit between the United States and Russia, stop. The Summit was not about the war in Syria, the situation in the Ukraine, Crimea or even Nuclear Weapons. President Putin and President the Donald Himself met for one reason, and one reason only, and that […]

The Supreme Court of the United States

With the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the next vacancy on the Supreme Court, we guess that J. Edgar Comey is out, as a potential nominee. Not just for this vacancy but possible future ones as well. And we guess so is, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s suggested guy and President Obama’s last nominee for the […]



– Should you be adversarial or respectful?

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I recently found myself embroiled in a passionate argument about law enforcement. Someone had posted a video on social media showing a man in his […]

All The News That’s Fit…

The headlines all across the TV News, the Internet and the Newspapers have screamed.

‘Woman Scales the Statue of Liberty!’

It sounds fantastic, sensational but well and we’re sorry to have to tell you this, she didn’t’ quite make it.

In fact, the woman, Therese Okoumou, didn’t even get to Lady Liberty’s big toe. She […]

The First Thing, the Second Thing and One Other Thing

Many years ago way before I even got married an older guy I knew, explained a few things about cheating on your wife. First, he explained the object was to cheat up. By that he meant someone younger and better looking. Otherwise, as he explained what was the point? Now we don’t endorse cheating but […]