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The Grant Tax Plan

If Pollution makes you Seethe, Tax the Air that we all Breathe, and to Show how Fair I Play, the More you Make the More you Pay.

Before you Start to Scream and Shout, Sleeping would be a Time Out. To better Explain my Perception, Snoring might be the Exception.

How Would I compute a […]

Travis County, Texas Judge Sarah Eckhardt should be Terminated for Pussy Hat Incident

Recently, Travis County, Texas Judge, Sarah Eckhardt chose to wear a pussy hat to her court room to show her support for the Women’s March. The hat itself is made of pink knitted yarn, has small cat ears, and was worn by thousands of women who participated in the nationwide march on January 21 […]

Creating a culture of public involvement in government decisions

The functions of government are at a point where citizens of all ages need to become involved in how government operates today and how it should operate in the future. The functions of our government both nationally and in some cases at the state and local level need to have citizens engaged in the decisions […]

Trump, Reeducation and the Unhinged “Snowflake”

As the entry into the new year 2017 nears, the last topic in a blog post I wanted to be addressing is politics. The political campaigns and election run-up of 2016 have been psychologically, emotionally and physically draining to the bottom of my human reserve. Nevertheless, an editorial in last Saturday’s Kansas City Star by […]

Is it legal for elected or appointed boards to override decisions by the voters?

Within each state there are a number of elected and appointed boards to make necessary decisions regarding issues facing their state economy. The balance of these boards is important to have proper decisions made important to their specific state. Today there was a report that projected actions by a state legislature intends to replace individuals […]

After the Storm: Politicians and Pundits Nominated for Oblivion

In 1932 Ernest Hemingway published a masterful short story of the sea in Cosmopolitan magazine titled “After the Storm.” The narrative concerns a conch fisherman who, after engaging in and escaping a violent barroom brawl and knife fight, heads out on the water in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane and discovers an ocean liner […]

What will it take to turn our economy around?

The status of our economy is based upon the success of businesses and those who work for them. A strong business environment supported by a government which encourages business development and expansion in some cases is needed to turn our economy around. Businesses which have a profit provide income to pay for government functions at […]

The Concept of Justice

Justice is a term we all recognize but the concept of justice and what it means to one individual may not mean the same to another. We have a great judicial system which is part of the checks and balance philosophy of our government. It was designed to bring about justice for those who were […]

Inspiration for the National Anthem and for us

Many individuals who have not thoroughly studied the history of our country may not know the details of generating our national anthem. There is a story behind the events which impacted the writing of our national anthem and understanding the circumstances will bring about a better appreciation of its words. We all have sung this […]

The Spirit of America

This country was founded by many individuals of different faiths and nationality. I do not pretend to know what there feelings were or what spirit they felt in their hearts. However the spirit that began in this country can be seen by the actions of those who came to this land. To begin with the […]