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The Grant Tax Plan

If Pollution makes you Seethe, Tax the Air that we all Breathe, and to Show how Fair I Play, the More you Make the More you Pay.

Before you Start to Scream and Shout, Sleeping would be a Time Out. To better Explain my Perception, Snoring might be the Exception.

How Would I compute a […]

Is there integrity in gas prices?

Today there seems to be a never ending saga of gas prices going up and down. Is there any integrity in the constant changing prices? All companies have a right to make a profit but the question in this situation is who is making the profit and is it reasonable. The constant change of gas […]

Business Practices to compete in a global economy

Businesses today must compete differently than in the past if they want to have a global presence. In the past businesses competed locally or nationally but not on a global scale. The advancement of technology and the Internet changed all the perspectives of having a business. Many things need to be in place for businesses […]

What will it take to turn our economy around?

The status of our economy is based upon the success of businesses and those who work for them. A strong business environment supported by a government which encourages business development and expansion in some cases is needed to turn our economy around. Businesses which have a profit provide income to pay for government functions at […]

The Only Barriers we have are the ones we place on ourselves

Many of us feel we have barriers to our success and in some cases this may be true to some extent but the real barriers we have we put on ourselves. Each of us has difficult times and must make difficult decisions. We often have many things that we need or want to get accomplished […]

Determining if businesses have integrity

Today’s business environment and whether the existence of integrity is in place is an important characteristic. Whether an organization or company has integrity and exhibits that characteristic is fast becoming a necessity. Business integrity must exist and it is sad to say that examples in the news have shown that it is lacking in parts […]

Is Government Regulation the answer to all our problems?

Increasing regulation seems to be the way of government in these days. This not only increases the scope of government but it increases the cost for government and the private sector of our economy. In these financial times there needs to be an evaluation of what regulations are necessary and which ones can be eliminated. […]

The Politics of Personal Destruction on Steroids

“The principal object [of the Federalists is] the political, and even the personal, destruction of John Quincy Adams.”

—Governor James Sullivan of Massachusetts, 1808

“I think that these were obviously personal and private moments that unfortunately were made public for partisan, political purposes—a part of the ongoing politics of personal destruction that was so much […]



– Are prices going up or is it just my imagination?

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I wish I lived in Washington, DC. It must be very inexpensive to live there. I say this because […]

Changing America

Today there are many organizations in the United States whose goal is to help change and shape America. We have many problems/issues facing our country not the least of which is our high unemployment and our national debt and actions need to be taken not only by governments at all levels but by the people […]