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Creating a culture of public involvement in government decisions

The functions of government are at a point where citizens of all ages need to become involved in how government operates today and how it should operate in the future. The functions of our government both nationally and in some cases at the state and local level need to have citizens engaged in the decisions […]

Individual privacy and journalism news

Individual privacy and journalistic articles in print or electronic media is becoming a concern. While the recent action of a media source to publish the names of individuals who are gun owners may or may not be illegal it is a moral violation of individual proportion. The battle over what to do about making some […]

Changing America

Today there are many organizations in the United States whose goal is to help change and shape America. We have many problems/issues facing our country not the least of which is our high unemployment and our national debt and actions need to be taken not only by governments at all levels but by the people […]

A tribute to the American Worker

The American worker today is increasingly under pressure. There have been many business closings which includes not only entire companies but branches of companies. The impact of these decisions affects not only the company but the employees who work for them. Today hard decisions are being made but the American worker seems to be ignored […]

Who will be the leaders of tomorrow?

The leaders of tomorrow may not yet have been born but if they have they will face many issues which exist today and far into the future. The leaders of tomorrow are now situated in our school system both public and private but are they being taught or being indoctrinated into a philosophy which is […]

Look to the future not the past

Today many individuals have a problem with the events of the past but they should not let our past get in the way of our future. The events of the past beginning with the start of our country should never be forgotten. The strength and courage of our founding fathers is something we need today […]