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– The virtues of a home town parade.

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I have always enjoyed the charm of a local Independence Day parade. In my old hometown of Wyoming, Ohio, a suburb of […]

Where does Santa take a Whiz?

Where does Santa take a Whiz? this is My first Christmas Quiz. Place your Answers straight Below, be Descriptive if you Know.

To stay Awake he Must drink Coffee, maybe Chew on NoDoz Toffee? How ‘bout 5 Hour Energy? at some Time he Has to Pee.

His schedule Seems to Be quite Tight, tough To […]

Happy Labor Day!

Since this last weekend was Labor Day, we happened to notice that no one says “Happy Labor Day”. I mean everyone says Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Happy Valentine’s Day and of course Happy New Year. In fact, some people will wish you a Happy New Year all the way into March but no Happy Labor […]

Snake Gratitude, or Anthropomorphism?

This past Mother’s Day, my wife and I (neither one of us parents) had a close encounter with the greatest mother of all—Mother Nature. Unexpected, perplexing, yet ultimately, in a way, gratifying. And not soon to be forgotten!

Intending to spend the day at our little vacation house on Lake Gardner and catch up some […]




I went to church today, Ash Wednesday, with my mother. We arrived on time and I said hello and shook hands with Mike, the usher usually stationed on the east side of the church. We took our place in the last pew of the front section of the church, prayed the Confitor, listened […]

Are our rights being restricted concerning religion?

Religious and holiday freedom today are important topics, which needs to be discussed. We as individuals should voice our opposition to any movement anytime to curtail or restrict our rights granted under the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides freedom of religion. The exact language is as […]

Happy Holidays, No More, PUHLEEEEZE!

We are reprinting this article because, well because it is very, very important.

As Christmas approaches it is imperative that we go over the proper way to address each other in the spirit of the season. As always, we strive to never offend anyone and God forbid we don’t want you, our readers, to do […]