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Here she is Miss America, Cara Mund. And she complains that the Miss America hierarchy has silenced her. She also said that in her year as Miss America they had bullied and humiliated her. They told her what to wear, what to say and worse, what she couldn’t say. Oh the horror! Now maybe […]

WikiLeaks Guess Who?

Now with WikiLeaks dumping over eight thousand highly classified documents into the public forum, the CIA, the FBI and the Mass Hysteria have all gone into overdrive. Well actually the Mass Hysteria is always in overdrive but the big question for all of them is… Who done it? Who? Who could possibly have stolen all […]

A Populace Residing in Alternate Realities

Has the gulf between perceptions become too wide to ever admit common ground?


At the outset, a partial retraction: I take pride in maintaining factual credibility and high journalistic standards throughout my blog series. That compels me to offer a correction to an impression created in my former post concerning the status of the […]