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He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
Benjamin Franklin

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“The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune*”

We were bereft early in the morning of November 9th, 2016 as we are sure a lot of you were. And most of you know the reasons by now but with the publication of ‘What Happened’ we now know the culprits. First off and we never would have guessed this one, former President Barak Obama, […]

Happy Labor Day!

Since this last weekend was Labor Day, we happened to notice that no one says “Happy Labor Day”. I mean everyone says Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Happy Valentine’s Day and of course Happy New Year. In fact, some people will wish you a Happy New Year all the way into March but no Happy Labor […]

What’s In A Name?

Starting with the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy, granddaughter of Robert Kennedy along with her father Max Kennedy, the youngest son of Robert Kennedy, were arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Ms. Kennedy when asked if she wanted to take a breathalyzer test responded “No. I know I’m […]

Defying Death, Hell and High Water—the Wendy’s Bunch Reloads

It’s been a spell since I updated my readers on the Wendy’s breakfast bunch and their goings-on, so I decided to take this occasion to make amends. The Mission “weed patch” to the east of the Wendy’s location still flagrantly displays its green glory, all efforts at revitalizing the construction project having so far slid […]

East Side West Side All Around the Town

Sadly the new Broadway play ‘Groundhog Day’ is going dark which is Broadway speak for, it’s all over. This was a Musical based on the famous movie of the same name that starred Bill Murray. Theater goers said the music was good and Act One was good but Acts Two and Three, well, they seemed […]

The Art of the Deal

There are currently 2,188,900, that’s two million one hundred eighty eight thousand nine hundred people on the Federal payroll, not counting Postal employees and no one can answer the phone.

We bring this up now because no one, we mean no one in the Federal Government can tell us why Kim Jong-un would want to […]

The Naked Truth

Just in time for summer and the beach, the movie ‘Dunkirk’! Now Dunkirk is a beach town in France but this is not one of those Beach Blanket Bingo movies. It’s a World War II movie. But you’d never know it from watching the movie. There’s no mention of who’s fighting who or why or […]

Anthony Scaramucci Batter Up

We must admit we were sort of taken aback by the recent comments of the newest member of President The Donald Himself’s staff, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. And so much so, that we sought the counsel of world renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Don. Dr. Don consented to see us on short notice, even though […]

The Impossible

Recent maneuverings by the GOP reminded me of a friend of mine Harry and his predicament years ago. Harry had married a young woman he’d met in college. She was nice looking but that was it, nice and over the course of their 20 years of marriage they had drifted apart. They had decided to […]


They are going to impeach Donald Trump Jr. It seems unlike all the other people mentioned in the Kremlin Ghazi, that Donald Trump Jr. actually met with real Russians from the Kremlin and not just some waiters at the Russian Tea Room, which by the way is a restaurant in New York. One of the […]