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They are going to impeach Donald Trump Jr. It seems unlike all the other people mentioned in the Kremlin Ghazi, that Donald Trump Jr. actually met with real Russians from the Kremlin and not just some waiters at the Russian Tea Room, which by the way is a restaurant in New York. One of the […]

The Purpose of Executive Orders

The President or governors of states issue executive orders. These types of orders are not limited to the United States though they are not called the same thing in other countries. This article will discuss the purpose of executive orders at either the federal or the state level. Many people know that executive orders are […]

Integrity of Judges and their decisions

I wish to state in the beginning that I have the highest regard for those who devote their lives to serve the public as judges. Our court system is a good one but sometimes it appears that justice may not have been served by decisions that have been made. The amount of information to which […]