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At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

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A Natural History of Sexual Harassment: Darwin to Lauer

Well, good heavens! It seems every morning we’re waking up now to news of another masculine celebrity accused and smacked down careerwise for, you guessed it, “sexual harassment.” Yes siree. Ailes, O’Reilly, Weinstein, Spacey, Rose, Louis C. K., Franken, Conyers, Seagal, Hoffman, Halperin, Keillor, Stone, Affleck, Lauer, James Levine, even old daddy H.W. Bush—and all […]

Fake News

In an editorial on the CNN website two CNN reporters have asked that the term “Fake News” be scrapped and we are all for it. While we normally are not in favor of censorship of any kind, we strive even harder, to never offend anyone at any time. And obviously if two members of the […]

To Bloom Where You’re Planted—or Not?

My old friend the acclaimed ecstatic poet Paul Goldman and I often debate differing points of view on where today the world is headed. While he believes we’re transitioning into a golden, harmonious state for humanity, I, on the other hand, am of the persuasion that, although humankind may get to “collective heaven” eventually, there […]

The Impossible

Recent maneuverings by the GOP reminded me of a friend of mine Harry and his predicament years ago. Harry had married a young woman he’d met in college. She was nice looking but that was it, nice and over the course of their 20 years of marriage they had drifted apart. They had decided to […]

An Extremely Memorable 50th Wedding Anniversary Day

Last weekend we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We did not want a big bash – just something between the two of us. We had a nice lunch and then my wife wanted a “Senior Coffee” at McDonalds. I drove up to the drive-thru order screen and ordered. Not thinking – and in another world […]

Missing the Smells

My wife wanted to get a peppermint plant for our deck – she liked the smell of it and said that it would help to keep the mosquitoes away. She decided that we would go to the “River Market” in Kansas City, Missouri – the city in which we have lived since 1979. The Market […]

Soldier Boys and Girls Together Spell S-E-X

The recent spectacle of Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller being grilled concerning the Facebook nude-photo scandal before an “irate” Senate panel—including women such as Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen exercising their (as the black celebrity Janelle Monáe would phrase it) “vagina power over men”—provided an hilariously entertaining theater of the absurd for those realists among […]



– What we read in the news cannot all be true; can it?

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It seems whenever the subject of Millennials (aka, “Generation Y”; ages 18-36) comes up, be it in a […]

Love Is In The Air?

J Lo and A-rod are dating. Some people want to call them J-rod and others want to call them A-Lo. Which do you like?

Then Pamela Anderson is dating Julian Assange of WilkiLeaks fame. They can’t go out because if Julian leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he’ll get arrested. Seems he’s wanted for a […]

“Christmas” – under fire in the U.S. but embraced in China?

I conducted business in China for many years – retiring in 2008. However, I maintained my friendship – and correspondence – with many of my friends there. Recently, some of my former business associates asked me to help them with a new venture they were starting in Vietnam along with existing products in China – […]