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Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.
Ayn Rand

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The Essence Of Han- Understanding the Korean Psyche

Just after the United States began the invasion of Afghanistan I wrote an essay describing the history of conflict there and the reality of the socio-political structure of Tribal peoples as opposed to nationalistic entities in establishing peace. Today, sixteen years later, the reservations I had then about our military success there have been […]

Can Drones Fly Under Porch Roofs?

I’m having a hard time trying to envision how a drone can deliver a package at my doorstep.

My front door is set back from under a porch roof a good eight feet. Can a drone fly under a porch roof to safely deliver a package at a doorstep? If the drone cannot get in […]


The New Paradigm and Workforce Issues. (2009, historical but applicable in 2017)

The “Workforce” can no longer afford to change locations and residences to “follow the jobs” as in earlier times. The costs and associated headaches with moving, especially with a family, have grown too much for the average American. Statistics show Americans becoming more […]

Create Your Own Labor Day Party

What do you do to celebrate Labor Day f you live in small-town, make that tiny-town, America, dozens of miles away from movie houses, fast food restaurants, gamer shops, bowling alleys, race tracks, or any other form of commercial entertainment?

The folks in Severy, Kansas, gather in a back yard next to one of the […]

She’s Back

She’s back. And learning once again how to make her way through the Dashboard. I’d forgotten that part of Speak Without Interruption. <p>

<br>As I told another Grant Journal contributor, I’m a very talented person, especially with computer software and programs. If there is something that can go wrong, I can find it without even […]

Cornerstone Words

I’m gonna do a little preaching here. Of all the words that Traditional People favor, Respect is the one used the most. It implies many things: values, morality, character, compassion, commitment, relationship, and more that is unspoken, but understood. We think it is the foundation of Traditional Life. It begins with family and extended family, […]

Mourning The Loss Of A World

I’m gonna openly plagiarize, quote, paraphrase and generally butcher the work of John Trudell from his masterpiece, DNA. He said I could. Since much of that which I will quote from him was given during oral composition from speeches and talks he made, as well as the produced CD, the result is neither grammatically correct […]

An Outing for Evan

Normally I avoid eateries that cater to families with little children. My experience,as a tough parent, has been holding my tongue while the little ones run wild and the parents do nothing but use their inside voices to ask, not demand, that the kids sit down. But it was mid-afternoon on a sunny Saturday and […]

Missing Black Women, Missing Black Girls

It was a Sunday at least 16 years ago when I first learned that a plethora of black women were missing and often found dead in Harlem. At that time my husband and I, along with our daughters and some of our less fiscally sound neighbors, were giving out food from our house. We had […]

Talking With Taxi Drivers

You come to New York City, you walk the streets and you see a sea of yellow taxi cabs.The first time I looked out a window on the 20 something floor of a building and looked down on that yellow ocean dotted with other cars I thought how could you tell them apart? Yellow cars, […]