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A Natural History of Sexual Harassment: Darwin to Lauer

Well, good heavens! It seems every morning we’re waking up now to news of another masculine celebrity accused and smacked down careerwise for, you guessed it, “sexual harassment.” Yes siree. Ailes, O’Reilly, Weinstein, Spacey, Rose, Louis C. K., Franken, Conyers, Seagal, Hoffman, Halperin, Keillor, Stone, Affleck, Lauer, James Levine, even old daddy H.W. Bush—and all […]

The Extinction of the 21st Century Optimist

For a good many years now, I’ve seen myself as someone nurturing hope personally and optimism generally. Pessimism, to me, just seemed to be a dog that wouldn’t hunt, an inaccurate reflection of all reality, and not a prescription for a satisfying life. When things went awry, one could always—like Annie’s classic song “Tomorrow” expresses—look […]

To Keep, or to Cast Away

“Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.”

Romans 12: 2

Perhaps it had something to do with my having been listening to the angst-ridden radio newscast prior […]

Soldier Boys and Girls Together Spell S-E-X

The recent spectacle of Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller being grilled concerning the Facebook nude-photo scandal before an “irate” Senate panel—including women such as Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen exercising their (as the black celebrity Janelle Monáe would phrase it) “vagina power over men”—provided an hilariously entertaining theater of the absurd for those realists among […]

A Populace Residing in Alternate Realities

Has the gulf between perceptions become too wide to ever admit common ground?


At the outset, a partial retraction: I take pride in maintaining factual credibility and high journalistic standards throughout my blog series. That compels me to offer a correction to an impression created in my former post concerning the status of the […]

Converting Life’s Lemons into Lemonade

Adopting a positive outlook on tumultuous world events.

A creeping concern on my part has come to the surface of late—that too many of my blog posts have been focusing overly much on the negative side of everything. Depressingly so. That reservation was underscored recently by the observations of a new acquaintance who started following […]

Will the Last Sane Person on Planet Earth Please Step Forward?

An examination of the illogic and confusion inherent in contemporary culture and society.

Okay, I admit it. I’ve completely surrendered searching for any semblance of reason amid the current political scene. Republicans are repudiating and devouring their own support base. Democrats have swung so far left they can’t even articulate the difference between socialism and […]

2016: The Beginning of the End, or a Bright, New Start?

Musings on what the coming year may hold for us all.

As I’ve noted before, it’s always a dangerous proposition reading the newspaper or turning on the TV news first thing in the morning. Usually not a great way to commence the day if it’s an upbeat start you desire. And this past Wednesday was […]